Shadowhunters season 2, episode 4 leaves Jace in the hands of the Silent Brothers and heads out a demon hunt with tragic consequences.

The darker Shadowhunters season 2 continues to pile on the emotional gut punches. As Alec faces his fate in the City of Bones, Magnus, Clary, Simon, and Alec arrive at their own crossroads. “Day of Wrath” changes the fabric of Shadowhunters forever.

Magnus versus Camilla

shadowhunters raphael

Simon’s chase for Camilla becomes desperate after Aldertree summons Raphael in for an interrogation. After a brief torture session, Raphael turns to Magnus for assistance. It’s not just the healing powers of the warlock that Raphael requires.

Magnus may not be Raphael’s biggest fan at the moment, but their connection runs deeper. Not able to have a family of his own, Magnus collects downworlders. The select few under his wing become like a family to the warlock. However, most, if not all, of the downworlders eventually move on to bigger and better things. Or they die.

All save one. Magnus’ backstory gains a bit of color as he explains to Simon why it is not an easy task for him to summon Camille and turn her over to the Clave. The year was 1870, the place was London. Magnus found himself in a dark place. Darker than any other time in his life.

Just as he climbed the bridge to end his life, Camille put an end to it. She cared enough to draw Magus back from the ledge. While Simon may not see the good in Camille, Magnus clings to the favor she did him all those years ago. But Simon has a point — she is out of control.

He sends Raphael and Simon out on a useless errand and summons Camille using her grave dirt. Magnus lingers with Camille for one final go around until he realizes that some demons are best sent away.

Alec’s grave mistake

shadowhunters malec

While Jace sits in purgatory, Alec reluctantly takes Clary out for a spin on the demon infested streets. The latest demon utilizes a clocking device before choosing a human agent to carry out its wrath.

Alec and Clary are not on the best of terms. While Clary is glad that Alec and Jace are both alive, her appreciation ends there. Alec, on the other hand, is net exactly thrilled with her presence and uncanny ability to attract danger. The two make it work for the length of their hunt, but when the demon takes a hold of Alec, everything changes.

The demon preys upon humans who are feeling anger, sadness, anxiety. Once the demon enters the Institute via a dead body, the first person it inhabits is Raj who attacks Lydia. The hosts remember nothing of their actions. When Clary finds Alec covered in blood, she immediately runs to find the victim — Jocelyn.

shadowhunters jocelyn

This changes everything going forward. Not only will Alec and Clary never heal their relationship, but Jace and Luke are placed on the offensive. It is not Alec’s fault. But the visual of watching Alec commit the murder on tape is an image that Alec and Clary can never scrub from their memories.

Will this send Alec into a deep spiral of depression? He ties his worth to the betterment of others. While Clary and Jace are now going through a transition, it will be interesting to see how Alec handles the fallout from Jocelyn’s death.

Like father, like son

shadowhunters jace

Jace and Alec are truly two peas in a pod. Imprisoned in the City of Bones, Jace takes on the full burden of his situation. He sends Clary away, telling her that as long as Valentine lives, he is a weapon. And the only thing that Valentine has to use against Jace is Clary. She is his weakness.

On trial in front of the Silent Brothers and Aldertree, Jace reminds the gathered witnesses that he is not easily broken. He accepts responsibility for the actions taken under the influence of Valentine. But Aldertree has an ulterior motive during the interrogation — get under Jace’s skin by using Clary as leverage.

Riling Jace up with questions about his love for Clary, Aldertree backs him into a corner with questions concerning his father. Would Jace be able to pledge his loyalty to the Clave? No. Not after what he witnesses in the dilapidated vampire dens. The Clave is not ready for change and Jace is a man of action.

While he receives a recommendation for life in prison, Jace passes the next test with flying colors. Valentine offers to break Jace free in exchange for his loyalty. But as we know, Jace cannot be bought. In the midst of his breakout, Jace forces Valentine to hold the soul-sword to his throat. But would he kill his son just like he killed the falcon? After all, to love is to destroy.

Valentine backs away, leaving Jace alive, Hodge dead, and the soul-sword in the wrong possession.

Malec watch:


• First date on the horizon!

• Can Magnus help Alec deal with his unintentional betrayal of his parabati and Clary?

Watch Shadowhunters season 2, episode 5, “Dust and Shadows,” Monday, January 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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