3:30 pm EST, February 24, 2016

‘Shadowhunters’ review: The race for the Mortal Cup ends in kissing

Shadowhunters finally upped the ante this week as relationships that have been simmering finally boiled over. Plus, they actually found the Mortal Cup! But the cup doesn’t matter when there is kissing.

Let’s talk about Simon for a minute. That boy is clearly in deep trouble after hooking up with Maureen and calling her Clary. Ouch! Simon isn’t just having issues with Maureen — there’s also the whole becoming-a-vampire thing weighing pretty heavily on him. Simon is spinning out of control and it seems that his visit to The Hotel DuMort has affected him more than anyone realized. The ending of this episode doesn’t bode well for Simon.


This new Isabelle is not as much fun as the old one, and even though it feels like she is trying to do what is best for her family, it doesn’t feel right. I do wonder if her mother set her up to become the good girl, rather than offer Alec up to marriage. I don’t trust the Lightwood parents. I still love the dynamics between Alec and Izzy, especially when she calls him on being at Magnus’. His speech to her about being yourself was also great. However, the best scene for them was in the police station when Izzy tries to tell Alec how to distract someone.


Jace and Clary go on the ultimate adventure as they try to retrieve the cup from the police station after Luke is taken in by Internal Affairs. Clary’s plan involves slapping Jace, which he was unaware of and does not easily forget. The scene between the two is probably some of the most fun we’ve seen from them. Dominic Sherwood brings a playfulness to Jace that we haven’t seen too much of. He also mentions demon pox, and for those of you familiar with the books, this is a shout out to Will from The Infernal Devices.


Clary manages to not only get the card where the Mortal Cup is hidden, but she also gets the actual cup. She then uses it to ward off some demons that are tracking her. It seems kind of strange since she had seraph blade in her bag, which she just happened to use to kill a Jace clone. It was a very emotional moment for Clary, which leads her to make a bold move and finally kiss Jace, in front of everyone in the Institute, much to Alec’s chargin.

The most awkward moment of the episode goes to… Okay, it’s a tie between Alec trying to hit on the cop and Simon’s mom. Seriously, what mother discusses getting STDs with her kids?

Overall this episode didn’t do too much to further the plot but it did allow the characters room to grow. I think it is important to give fans these moments where the characters are just interacting and showing the traits that so many fans have been looking for.

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