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‘Shadowhunters’ review 1×06: Valentine’s crazy is revealed

Shadowhunters episode 1×06, “Of Men and Angels,” revealed a lot of information about Valentine and the Circle. We also had a pretty great Malec moment.

With each episode Shadowhunters gets better and better. This week was no exception, with a flashback sequence showing us the details of how the Circle started. We also had some really great character moments between Jace and Simon as well as Alec and Magnus.

Jace was more nasty than normal with Simon as the two fight over Clary and other things. Simon also taunts Jace about Alec, which leads to another angry confrontation. Jace also picks a fight with Alec, demanding that he go to Magnus’. Alec is not totally down with Jace’s commands and doesn’t go right away.


It’s clear to everyone but Jace that he has feelings for Clary that go beyond protecting her. Instead, Jace constantly picks fights with those around him — especially to hide his feelings. I liked the Jace and Simon moments this episode because they showed just how much both care for Clary and how much they dislike each other.

Magnus tells Clary the story of Valentine. Valentine raised the Morgenstern name to be synonymous with virtue. He spoke of never violating the Shadowhunter and remaining faithful to the accords. Jocelyn was by him through all of this. A few short years later, Valentine changed and began to break the Accords. His point of view changed and his crazy began to show.


Valentine became obsessed with purity and he hated the downworlders because of the gifts they had that he didn’t. The uprising occurred when Valentine disrupted the signing of the accords and stole the Mortal Cup. Jocelyn and Luke tried to stop Valentine. Jocelyn even has has a pretty cool fight scene against Valentine in order to get the Mortal Cup.

Once Luke is awake, he tells Clary that he and Jocelyn created the evil Valentine because they fell in love. Although, part of the reason they started to become close was because Valentine was letting his crazy show a little too much. Valentine began to experiment with downworlder blood to become a better soldier, and this leads us to the Valentine we know today who is so syringe happy all the time.


At least one of our questions was answered when Luke told Clary how he became a werewolf. Valentine purposely set Luke up to be killed, except the werewolves didn’t finish him off — he just changed. Luke and Valentine were parabatai, so this was a huge betrayal. Plus, the awkward moment when Clary asks if Luke and her mom slept together was priceless.

The flashbacks were a great way to finally tell us about Valentine. I have to say I liked flashback Valentine much better than present day Valentine. He had more purpose when he was fighting against the Clave. Now he just seems crazy.


Let’s take a moment to discuss the Lightwood parents and how they will not be getting the parent of the year award. Maryse is manipulative and uses her children as pawns to assure their place in the Clave. Maryse plans for Alec to marry in order for the Lightwoods to remain in good standing. This little plan enrages Alec, who decides following the rules is no longer for him. He arrives at Magnus’ just in time to help save Luke. Magnus is surprised to see Alec and they share a small moment.

Maryse is quite cruel and judgmental when it comes to Isabelle. In the end, Isabelle begins to dress like her mother, which will lead to nothing good.


The last few scenes of the episode were dedicated to Malec. Let’s be honest: The more that can happen, the better. Magnus tries to make it clear to Alec that he wants to spend time with him and his honest declaration leaves Alec a little thrown. Alec can’t imagine someone wanting him and he still really wants Jace. I really liked the Malec scenes because they felt genuine. Out of all the relationships that have been established thus far, this one is the most enjoyable to watch unfold.

What was your favorite scene from ‘Shadowhunters’ 1×06?

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