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‘Shadowhunters’ 3×18 Worry Report: What’s that around the corner?

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Hypable’s Shadowhunters Worry Report wraps up who we’re concerned about, who is on the fringe, and whose story arc is just too devastating to even think about. Join us as we panic.

Welcome back to the Shadowhunters Worry Report 3B edition. Each week, we rank the characters we feel are on the brink of a breakdown, whose days are numbered, or who we simply cannot look at without feeling some butterflies in our stomach.

‘Shadowhunters’ Worry Report 3×18

Things have to get worse to get better, right? After the events of “The Beast Within,” that phrase has taken on a sort of mantra feel. Say it so many times and it starts to make things seem better than they are.

Right now, we find ourselves in the midst of a breakup, a betrayal, and a bond that are all giving our favorite characters a fair amount of grief.

Magnus is going to get his magic back, but at the cost of his relationship. Clary is finally going to make up for lost time with her brother, but isolate and hurt her chosen family along the way. Luke’s arrangement with the praetor seems on the up and up for now, but who he is sworn to protect will likely have dire consequences in the coming weeks.

While the majority of the ensemble has things to handle, some of the uncertainties within the series are cause for excitement. The New York pack is going to rebuild, and as it does, Maia and Jordan are going to establish their trust in one another. Simon and Isabelle are being pushed and pulled in so many directions, but their efforts to work together on projects will take them down a path fans have longed for.

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5. Luke

Is anyone else waiting for the other shoe to drop? Luke showing up at the Institute to give Clary the final push she needed to proceed with the injection to break her connection with Jonathan. But what are his ties to the Praetor going to reveal?

Shadowhunters 3x18 luke

I have a feeling that whomever the Praetor has tasked Luke with protecting is going to be a major conflict of interest with the operations of the Institute. Ideally, we will see him stick close to the Institute as Clary takes this turn, but what will the cost be if he has to choose between his sworn duty and his daughter?

4. Jordan

Jordan explains that while the Praetor kindly cured him of his silver poisoning, he was also asked to resign his post within the organization. Even before his near death experience in the freezer, Jordan was feeling down on himself. His leadership was challenged and he failed to live up to the call.

But an opportunity presents itself here with Maia. A way for Jordan to not only reconcile his past with Maia, but take up a position helping others grow and rebuild alongside him. So why should we be worried? Everything seems on the up and up for Jordan?

My fear is that he will pin too much on making it work with Maia over this journey of self-growth. I love Maia and Jordan together, the relationship is not my concern. My concern stems from a place of universal concern that I have for all these characters — rushing into tying their emotional growth to someone else. Other people can help, and they are a necessary part of the journey, but I feel as if the relationship element here, especially given their past will stir up some trouble.

I hope it doesn’t and they find a way to marry both arcs in a healthy and satisfying way.

3. Jace

This poor boy. Not only does he internalize the hints of the pain his parabatai feels, but he has plenty of his own to spread around. Once again he is feeling as if he failed at saving Clary. His voice and presence were not enough to pull Clary back from Jonathan.

Shadowhunters 3x18 alec izzy

What will happen when everything is out of his control? He cannot isolate the Heavenly Fire, Isabelle has to. He cannot get too close to Jonathan, he might get reckless and get killed. He is essentially sidelined in a sense. And that leads me to believe a boxed-in Jace is worse than an angry free Jace.

This season has taken a one day at a time approach to storytelling. Clary has been taken from him continuously for the last several weeks. How will he cycle through this most recent series of events?

2. Clary

This isn’t Clary. Or is it? Is she feeding some part of her that has always existed? Good doesn’t necessarily always triumph over evil. And after the whirlwind of conflict Clary has dealt with since turning 18, the lines between what is right and what is wrong have begun to blur.

I’m not saying that she is actively choosing to side with Jonathan because some part of her wants to stop fighting to quell that inner voice. There is something greater at work thanks in part to that rune from Lilith.

We know Clary wants to do the right thing, to bring justice about for those who are wronged. It’s part of what makes her a good Shadowhunter. She explores the gray areas, bridging two worlds in ways that supersede the civil order demanded by the Accords.

I think Clary will come out of this alright, knowing that she did the best she could to help her brother and make amends for her unknowing role in his upbringing. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy watching her take on this new, violent persona in order to achieve that.

1. Malec (and Malec fans)

I’m not here to rehash the events of The 2019 Breakup. But I am here to dig into where Alec and Magnus (and by extension their fans) are at. Alec has doubled down on his efforts to give Mangus the best chance at living his fullest life. I’ve spoken at length over the last few weeks about Alec and Magnus’ sacrifices for one another.

But here we see the aftermath of those decisions finally come to a head – Alec’s persistence to push Magnus away, Magnus plea to not let him go. Isabelle asks Alec before the breakup how he will process the losing Magnus and he does not answer her. Alec is a very action-oriented person, if something needs to be done, he handles it. The people around him provide perspective, they tap the breaks.

Here, it is going to take those same people to come back and stop Alec from burying this. Magnus, on the other hand, with an endless lifetime restored, will turn to the part of him that can fix this – magic in the form of a memory wipe.

This scene from Shadowhunters 3×19 doesn’t help…

I’m mainly concerned that both halves of this whole are going to make some rash decisions. It will be difficult to watch in the moment, but I am confident that these two are surrounded by enough love and support that they will overcome this hurdle.

Shadowhunters season 3, episode 19, “Aku Cinta Kamu” airs Monday April 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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