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‘Shadowhunters’ 3×14 Worry Report: Someone get Magnus a tissue

Hypable’s Shadowhunters Worry Report wraps up who we’re concerned about, who is on the fringe, and whose story arc is just too devastating to even think about. Join us as we panic.

Welcome back to the Shadowhunters Worry Report 3B edition. Each week, we rank the characters we feel are on the brink of a breakdown, whose days are numbered, or who we simply cannot look at without feeling some butterflies in our stomach.

‘Shadowhunters’ Worry Report 3×14

There is not enough time for Luke to perform the last rights on the members of his fallen pack, for Isabelle to perform a secretive autopsy, or for Alec to really talk to Magnus about his recent run in with Lorenzo.

Shadowhunters season 3, episode 15 looks like a showdown is shaking up between Heidi and the Institute. With the wolves on high alert, Jordan recovering from his wounds, and Maia processing the events of the last week, there is a lot of concern for the werewolves of the show. While we focus our attention to those in immediate danger, there are some runners up for this week’s Worry Report including:

5. Isabelle

Honestly, I’m more excited about Isabelle’s storyline than I am concerned. Shadowhunters season 3, however, has not been easy on our favorite characters when hopes are high. There is a cost to everything and so, as Isabelle makes some serious headway on the mission to figure out a secret worth dying for, I cannot stand to think of what will follow her unboxing the swallowed drive.

Isabelle, as we are reminded every week, is a determined spirit. While I do not anticipate her following a lead on her own – especially after she goes directly to Alec to make her case before performing the autopsy – I do think that once she uncovers the secrets of heavenly fire, there is no option for retreat.

4. Clary

Jonathan’s glamor spoiled what little sense of safety and security Clary had after escaping him in Paris. Lilith may be responsible for their not so pretty sibling runes, but Jonathan’s violation of Clary is sickening on so many levels.

Shadowhunters 3x14 jace clary

The uneasiness of the opening shots of Jonathan roleplaying with a replacement of Clary does not let up as he moves through taking over Jace’s body. Both Dominic Sherwood and Luke Baines are stellar as they portray two versions of the character in the episode. Sherwood is able to convey Jonathan in a way that makes it down right brutal to witness.

But Clary now has to deal with the emotional repercussions of her encounter. The loss of her security, the ease with which Jonathan could manipulate not only most of their day together, but also his control over her in moments before her escape are cause for concern.

3. Simon

I have spent a lot of time here worrying about Heidi and her wrath. Her absence from Shadowhunters 3×14 only amplifies my concern for anyone who gets in her path, especially if that person is named Simon.

While his concern for Jordan, not even a close friend, allows him to possibly save his life, Simon’s care and consideration of others is going to be a disadvantage in this fight. I can see him stepping in, handing himself over to Heidi, just to minimize the burden that may place on everyone else. If Simon is taken, no one else has to die.

2. Luke

Not much can get to Luke now that he is behind bars. Unfortunately, that leaves him alone with his thoughts, which, as we’ve seen so far this season, are not going to provide the best company. In “Kiss From a Rose” we catch up with Luke as he laments his current situation to Simon – he has cops trailing him, no pack to lead, and now that he’s handed over the books from Eliot’s library, he is off the mission to find the Morningstar Sword.

Simon, luckily, provides some help to get him away from his former colleagues. But two steps forward, forces Luke to take one giant step back as walks into the massacre at the Jade Wolf. The bodies of his friends, his family all lay in pools of blood and he did nothing to help them.

Shadowhunters 3x14 luke

Granted, this is not his fault. But Luke is not going to see it that way. He could not have anticipated that when he left a vampire would conjure up a battle to satisfy her need for revenge. There will always be unseen danger waiting in the wings. Luke has dedicated his life to be a protector, he’s a cop by profession, was a pack leader charged with the safety and well-being of many people coping with their transformations.

But now all of the tools he had to protect people are gone, people are getting hurt, and he surrenders in the most literal sense. I’m concerned lockup will not be kind to Luke. He’s been lying for so long to so many people on the force and now with the loss of the limited freedom he had, his past has finally caught up to him.

1. Magnus

Did anyone else think that Magnus was going a bit overboard once he got his magic back? His movements were revealing as they felt like at any moment his shoulder would dislocate. They gave off feelings of pent up aggression, freedom replaced his nautrally fluid moments. But my concern is grounded less in how he is using his newly restored magic and more rooted in how his magic is using him.

Lorenzo makes a point to say that his body may reject the magic. It’s not a throw away line, it’s a cause for actual concern. But Magnus believes so deeply in his connection to magic and how intrinsically his life force is tied to it, that he does not seem to give it a second thought.

Magnus and Alec have their differences. Alec shows more concern, caution, strategic precision. Magnus is whimsical, quick on his feet, and is a master of efficiency. Knowing this, and seeing how the pair has melded over the years to strike a balance of their inherent personalities, their trip to Belgium showed them completely off-kilter.

Alec’s concern is my concern. Magnus is moving too fast, his actions too big. And now, his body is physically responding to his use of magic. After his declaration to Alec explaining why and how magic affects his life, there is no question that Magnus will cover this new development up. But how far will he take it?

Shadowhunters season 3, episode 15, “To the Night Children,” airs Monday, March 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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