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‘Shadowhunters’ 3×13 Worry Report: Get out of Heidi’s way

Hypable’s Shadowhunters Worry Report wraps up who we’re concerned about, who is on the fringe, and whose story arc is just too devastating to even think about. Join us as we panic.

Welcome back to the Shadowhunters Worry Report 3B edition. Each week, we rank the characters we feel are on the brink of a breakdown, whose days are numbered, or who we simply cannot look at without feeling some butterflies in our stomach.

’Shadowhunters’ Worry Report 3×13

The feelings are strong with this one. Some characters are in immediate danger, others are embarking on paths that will definitely have some consequences, and the looming threat of Jonathan affects nearly everyone. There were many bright spots in “Beati Bellicosi,” — Luke and Maryse! Isabelle and Alec! Clace! — but not enough to snuff out the creeping sensation that something major is about the go down.

With Maia and Jordan barricaded in the freezer of the Jade Wolf and Isabelle and Alec receiving some less than encouraging advice from their mother, Shadowhunters 3×14 will test the resolve of our heroes. Some runners up for this week’s Worry Report include: Maryse who will see her children embark on a mission to uncover secrets that are best kept buried; the future of vampires and werewolves coexisting peacefully; and Magnus as he embarks on a quest away from pens and paper and technology.

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5. Anyone who gets in Heidi’s way

Shadowhunters 3x13 Clary Simon

Heidi is on a rampage and there is no one who can seem to slow her down. She is cunning in a way that outsmarts both the Coven that rejected her as well as Jordan and the Praetor Lupus. The path is thus far coated in the blood of many innocent bystanders. While she now appears to be focusing in on specific people (an acquaintance from school, all werewolves, Simon’s family) chances are that if a mundane even looks at her wrong, they will end up dead.

Without the guidance and trust of anyone, Heidi has transformed into this monster. Course correcting her character is a battle that no one is prepared to fight. She is manipulative, crafty, and ruthless. If only a certain someone would come back from his retreat 600 miles away, maybe he could attempt to reconcile the mistakes he made. But until Simon or Raphael can figure out a move, it looks like we will endure the wrath of Heidi for a little while longer.

4. Alec and Isabelle

A beautiful scene in “Beati Bellicosi,” reminded us of the strong familial bond that exists between Isabelle and Alec. There has been no evidence to the contrary that these two are fierce fighters and even fiercer allies for the people they care about. Which is why they will not turn a blind eye as members of the Clave torture Downworlder prisoners.

A noble, but dangerous mission lies ahead for the brother and sister. Strength in numbers has never been a problem for the Lightwood siblings but poking around trying to figure out what is going on to keep heavenly fire under wraps will likely lead to putting more people in danger.

3. Jace

Shadowhunters 3x12 Clace

Jace still seems to be in a state of disbelief. Even as he proclaimed his love for Clary at the tail end “Beati Bellicosi,” Jace felt a bit distant. Having just got Clary back and still recovering from the pain of her loss and the loss of himself to the Owl, it is understandable that he is not the man we met in season 1, episode 1. As he does the work to process his trauma, he also takes steps to make sure that Clary processes hers.

We do get a moment where the two put the dire circumstances aside and slip away together. It’s the escape they both needed. But something is uneasy about watching Jace relax. I know he needs it, but just as the smile returns to his face, I can’t help but wonder what will take it away. My money is on Jonathan (we had that pretty brutal stabbing scene in the trailer), but perhaps it will be something deeper than a physical wound.

In the episode we begin to see Jace looking into his past for answers. Valentine’s connection with Paradise Lost reminds him of the stories that filled his youth. If Jace digs deep enough, who knows what buried memories might arise.

2. Clary

Same concerns apply for Clary. Jace points out that Clary is operating in overdrive, trying to get one step ahead of Jonathan and find a way to break the bond cast by Lilith. It’s a valid concern. After all, as we saw when Jonathan inhabited Sebastian’s body, a little heat never bothered him, be it an iron on his hand or purposefully sticking it into flames.

All this unpredictability plagues Clary’s every move. And, as we see later in the episode, Jonathan has literally carved his mark on her. The more time he spends in isolation, the more unhinged he gets. I think Clary will be gin to recognize this as his attempts for communication grow stronger. But what actions will she take to outsmart him? Will she go behind the backs of those she loves to speed up the process?

Clary, I’m worried about you.

1. Maia and Jordan

Shadowhunters 3x13 Maia Pack

This is the obvious choice, right? How could I not choose the two people locked in a freezer with a rabid vampire attempting to break down the door and kill them? Side-stepping the imminent danger portion of this, there are other reasons to be concerned for the well-being of Maia and Jordan.

Maia just made the first steps to take on the mantle of being the leader of her pack. But she never got the chance to formally challenge Russell before he met his end. Now, in the wake of his death, Maia is thrust into the position of becoming a leader should she make it out of her current predicament.

Jordan, on the other hand, is suffering from a sever lack of self-confidence. Losing one of his best friends and falling for the tricks of Heidi has left him feeling lost and inefficient as a leader. His arrival at the Jade Wolf is one of retreat, but a talk from Maia might do the trick to get him back in the game.

Maia and Jordan have a lot of growing to do in their new roles and perhaps they could benefit from going through these parallel experiences together. First they need to get Jordan’s bleeding under control and handle a very pissed of vampire.

Shadowhunters season 3, episode 14, “Kiss From a Rose,” airs Monday, March 18 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.

Who are you most concerned about after ‘Shadowhunters’ 3×13?

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