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‘Shadowhunters’ 1×04 review: All hail the High Warlock of Brooklyn

In Shadowhunters episode 4, “Raising Hell,” Harry Shum Jr. definitely succeeded in bringing Magnus Bane to life.

This episode focused on Clary trying to retrieve her memories from Magnus Bane only to find out he fed them to a memory demon. Things definitely didn’t go Clary’s way when they tried to get them back from the memory demon, and Alec’s secret was the reason.

Overall this episode didn’t pay off as much as one would have hoped, but we did finally get some Magnus Bane time, and Alec also expanded beyond his broody one-liners. In our opinion, the two definitely work together.

Simon was being a little petulant this episode, calling Jace “Captain America” and then storming off. The bigger issue, however, is Simon’s slide into vampirism. It seems as though his stay at Hotel DuMort may have affected him more than the Shadowhunters realized. In fact, at the end of the episode Simon finds himself returning to visit with Camille.


Simon is also faced with more love issues. He is frustrated by Clary’s need to stay with Jace and live in her new world. While Simon pines for Clary he misses his opportunity with Maureen who finally asks him out, but he gets caught up in the blood from her cut and misses his chance. Simon is almost as hopeless as Alec when it comes to love.

Poor Alec really struggled this episode. First he is annoyed by Simon, Clary is always taking up too much of Jace’s time, and then there was the whole parabatai tracking moment. Jace and Alec staring longingly, at least on Alec’s part, into each other’s eyes to once again help Clary. Alec is clearly getting more from the moment than Jace, who simply walks away as soon as they find Magnus’ location. Ouch!

The Shadowhunters lure Magnus out of hiding with a necklace that he once gave to Camille. The necklace alerts the wearer to the presence of demons. Magnus leaves hiding in order to meet with Clary and the others. Magnus tells Clary he cannot get her memories back because he fed them to a memory demon and asks her to go with him. Magnus doesn’t believe the Shadowhunters can keep her safe. He leaves with the necklace and doesn’t help them.


The episode picks up from that point as Clary and company have to search for Magnus and end up saving his life. This is when we get our first Malec moments. Magnus is not shy about his interest in Alec but Alec continuously plays it off like he has no idea what’s going on. Jace looks just as confused about why Magnus is paying attention to Alec, poor boy really doesn’t have a clue.

Unfortunately, when Magnus summons the demon things do not go as planned. This aspect of the episode was interesting because it is completely different from the book. The added element of the demon was cool and it allowed the show to make the very obvious statement that Alec was in love with Jace. It was this moment that caused Alec to break the circle, less afraid of the demon escaping than his feelings for Jace being exposed. In the end Clary kills the demon which means no memories for her.


Lastly, Valentine’s little appearance needs to be mentioned, although we haven’t learned anything from it. Honestly, this is the toughest part of the show to watch because it seems so far-fetched and clunky. The random Seelie spy thing and death of Pangborn gave us nothing and took up time when other things could be happening. Valentine is supposed to be an evil, manipulative man with a plan, however here he just comes off as a crazy mad scientist. Hopefully this story line will find its footing and make Valentine the villain he is supposed to be.

Overall this episode gave us some great moments. Harry Shum Jr. is an excellent addition as Magnus Bane and it will be interesting to see what else he brings to the series. Now that Alec and Magnus have met it will be interesting to see where their relationship goes.

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