12:00 pm EDT, March 17, 2015

Beauty but a beast: Television’s sexiest monsters

Bite me? Please.

iZombie finally debuts tonight on the CW!

Rob Thomas’ buzzed about show has left us anxiously anticipating the premiere since San Diego Comic-Con’s fun panel.

iZombie stars Rose McIver, whom you might already know for her role on Once Upon a Time as Disney’s sexiest cartoon character, Tinkerbell. Needless to say, with stars like Rose McIver (and David Anders!!!!), Rob Thomas’ zombies will be quite a bit cuter than the apocalyptic messes we might be used to…

So in honor of iZombie’s premiere, Hypable has rounded up a list of some of the sexiest monsters to have graced our small screens. Bite me? Please.

Liv — ‘iZombie’ — Zombie

izombie liv
Eat your heart brain out.

Angel — ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’/‘Angel’ — Vampire

Angel tv show
When monsters look like this, of course we’ll take our chances at the Hellmouth (or L.A. — not sure which one is creepier.)

Ruby — ‘Once Upon a Time’ — Werewolf

She’s cute as a puppy! But be careful: her bark is so much less worse than her bite.

Bo — ‘Lost Girl’ — Succubus

Bo Lost Girl
She’ll take your breath away and then suck out your soul, but hey, we hear it might be worth it…

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Eric — ‘True Blood’ — Vampire

Eric True Blood
This Viking vampire might plunder the seas, but in the end, he steals our hearts.

Annie — ‘Being Human’ — Ghost

Annie Being Human
This ghost is drop dead gorgeous.

Lydia — Banshee — ‘Teen Wolf’

Lydia Teen Wolf
So beautiful your broken heart will leave you wailing.

Alcide — ‘True Blood’ — Werewolf

Alcide True Blood
This dog likes it ruff.

Every single character ever on ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Vampire Diaries season 6
You would think these centuries-old most beautiful, powerful people on the planet would have something better to do than go back to high school — but you would be wrong. Why would you want to be anywhere other than Mystic Falls when the student body looks like THAT? #TeamSalvatore

Did you just love all of our terrible puns? iZombie premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW, after The Flash.

Who is your favorite sexy TV monster?

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