In a recent interview, Saturday Night Live‘s Seth Meyers revealed that Sarah Palin and Nicolas Cage would be his dream presidential candidates, at least as far as SNL goes.

When asked which celebrities or politicians he would like to see run for office, Meyers had this to say:

I’m never going to turn down Sarah Palin – I want to make that very clear. Clint Eastwood would be fun to run… It’s a shame on just pure term limits that Bill Clinton can’t run. These are all people who have recently shown you what true entertainment value really is. The perfect one would be [Nicolas] Cage. I’d be happiest if Nic Cage ran for president.

With Tina Fey signing on with NBC after her show 30 Rock is over, we wonder if she’d come back on SNL to reprise her brilliant role as Sarah Palin if Palin did run in 2016. We’d love to see that.

Thanks, NBC Universal Direct (via Digital Spy).

Latest ‘Saturday Night Live’ News

This week Daniel Craig will host with musical guest Muse.

As we reported yesterday, Christina Applegate and Bruno Mars will host later in October.

We’ve also heard that Ryan Lochte is interested in appearing on SNL after last week’s parody by host Seth MacFarlane.

After it was long hinted that he would be stepping away from the show, it was finally announced that Jason Sudeikis will remain a Saturday Night Live cast member, but only until January. Playing both Mitt Romney and Joe Biden, it was vital that Sudeikis remain on the show during election season.

Sudeikis will follow season 37 cast members Kristen WiigAndy Samberg, and Abby Elliott out the door.

Kristen Wiig will star in Imogene alongside Darren Criss. Abby Elliott has joined How I Met Your Mother in a recurring role.

To make up for these departures, Saturday Night Live has cast three new cast members. Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson, and Cecily Strong will be joining the show.

Saturday Night Live will host its second primetime election specials this season on September 27.

Who would you like to see run for president just to see ‘SNL’s’ take?

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