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A ‘Set It Up’ sequel should just be all about Kirsten

Set It Up, the wildly popular and utterly delightful Netflix original rom com, already has fans (including this one!) calling for a sequel. And while I’d definitely enjoy seeing more Harper and Charlie, what I’d really love to see is an Set It Up sequel about Kirsten.

I mean, don’t get me wrong — I absolutely loved everything about Set It Up.

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In fact, I loved it so much that I managed to watch it three times the weekend it came out and have put it on permanent rotation as a background movie for when I clean the house.

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I love the charm and sincerity of the movie, the chemistry of the lead actors, and the very strong theme of women supporting women that runs throughout it.

In fact, the minute I finished watching it (the first time), I immediately messaged a friend of mine and asked — but wait…where’s the sequel?

So no one is more thrilled than I am that fellow fans and reviewers, along with the cast and crew of the movie, would also love to see more of these wonderful characters and the lovely world they inhabit.

However, while Harper and Charlie’s story absolutely made me squee and sigh and cheer — and while I’d definitely be interested in seeing how their relationship plays out past their big damn kiss — my immediate thought right after “where’s the sequel” was “but what about Kirsten?”

Set It Up sequel

True — she’s definitely not the most likable or charming character in Set It Up — the first descriptor would be for Harper, the second for Charlie.

However, Kirsten is by far the most fascinating character in Set It Up.

Harper’s description of her as “a beautiful woman with dark hair and a fierceness that’s both scary and inspiring” is not only hilariously accurate, it’s basically everything I aspire to be in life.

Kirsten’s background as a tough and talented sports journalist who broke away to start her own company is such an interesting story that we only get to see a little bit of in Set It Up. A Set It Up sequel could go deeper into both her history and her personal life, allowing us to really get to know this badass, amazing woman and all that she’s done and continues to do to remain at the top of her industry.

I mean, honestly, I’d watch an entire five season show about Kirsten. I probably won’t get that, so I’ll settle for a sequel instead.

Set It Up

Fortunately, I’m not alone in this desire.

Director Claire Scanlon echoed this sentiment, saying that Kirsten’s character would be the one she wants to explore further in a sequel and that “there’s a world out there that you would want to explore. It’d be interesting to see where it goes.”

As great as the entire cast was in the film, Lucy Liu was an absolute standout in every way.

She managed to play a character that’s both tough and vulnerable, traditionally feminine without falling into romantic movie tropes, a dynamic character that we start out kind of hating and a little bit afraid of to someone we’d want to work for ourselves or, at least, grab a beer with.

Just imagine a movie where Lucy Liu goes around wearing her fantastic outfits, being a general badass and running her own company. We could see her day to day interactions with her staff, with other journalists and individuals in the sports community. I’d even love to have a storyline where she’s now a sort of mentor to Harper, helping to guide her, direct her and push her when she needs it.

We could see her own personal life. There’s apparently a cut scene from Set It Up where Kirsten has lunch with her mom, who, in the words of Director Claire Scanlon “is just very — not intentionally — dismissive and holds a very high standard, [and] looks down on the sports journalism website.”

Getting the chance to see Kirsten’s personal life would give us a better idea of who she is as an individual beyond her hardened work persona and give the movie an interesting dynamic to play with.

Honestly, I could actually just sit and watch that movie for two hours and probably love it.

Set It Up sequel Kirsten

But what would make me love a sequel even more would be if the Set It Up sequel had Kirsten finding someone who really saw her and actually knew her. You know, someone who saw how awesome she is and appreciated it.

When I first saw the previews for Set It Up, I was super excited to see that the two high-powered bosses being set up were people of color. I was just as excited to watch them fall in love as I was to watch the two assistants fall for one another.

And while I absolutely loved every moment of Charlie and Harper’s slow slide into love and romance, I was disappointed that the romance between their bosses fizzled out so spectacularly. Or rather, I was disappointed the film had Kirsten fall for an absolute scumbug who didn’t deserve her at all.

I was hoping that the big problem between the two bosses would be their realization that their entire relationship was built on a series of lies put forth by their assistants rather than a genuine connection, but that they’d realized they did actually like one another on their own.

I want happily ever afters for everyone, always, at any time, in every rom com I watch.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get that with this one.

So what I’d love for the Set It Up sequel to do would be to have all the things that I loved about the first movie — supportive friendships, women supporting women, and great chemistry between the leads, Kirsten being every bit as badass and inspiring — but, this time around, to have Kirsten find someone who recognizes that and truly loves her for it.

I don’t know who that might be or what that might look like (Oscar Isaac with a beard and playing some relaxed artist type comes to mind, though) — I just know that I’d love to watch that storyline play out on-screen. In fact, I’m already on my fourth rewatch in my mind.

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