12:00 pm EST, September 14, 2013

SeptBender: Six Korra cosplayers that will take your breath away

The Legend of Korra has inspired many amazing artists to create amazing coustumes for the titular character of the series. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered together all of the best in one post!

What does it take to make an awesome cosplay picture?

Some would argue that the first step is to make sure that you look like the character you’re cosplaying. While we agree with that to a certain extent, things such as height or ethnicity can be overcome by the magic of photoshop, angles, and makeup.

Also, it never hurts to have a really high quality image to show off your hard work! While definitely not a necessity, more often than not, the better cosplays we’ve seen had HQ pics.

Pose is everything. If you have great duds, and even if you look like the real-life incarnation of Korra herself, it won’t matter if you don’t know how to pose.

There are some horrible posers out there, but that only leaves more room for the amazing shots some of these artists have captured!

All of the artists we’ve found were on DeviantArt, with the links to the original posts as the title of each entry.

‘Legend of Korra: Waterbending – practice’ by *WelcomeToMyWorldVXI

This image has amazing CGI, and a great pose from its subject. Not to mention a gorgeous backdrop!


‘Korra Cosplay – Patiently Earthbending’ by ~eloquium

Gorgeous lighting, a forlorn pose, and neat Earthbending tie together this impressive Korra cosplay.


‘Korra Cosplay – Waterbending’ by *the-mirror-melts

This one almost makes us believe that Waterbending is real! Not only does this picture have amazing composure, but its subject has a perfect smug look on her face.


‘Otakon 2012 – Legend of Korra | Korra’ by =elysiagriffin

The rocks this Korra are sitting on are the perfect setting for some brooding of epic proportions. The angles and the lighting in this cosplayer’s picture are fantastic!


‘Korra Cosplay – Waterbending’ by *Aicosu

The Korra of this picture seems as though she’s really bending the water, if not only from her pose, but from her excellent CGI work.


‘The Legend Of Korra’ by ~Andy-K

Last but not least, the simple elegance of this last Korra is enough to give us chills up and down our spines. The implied dance-like movement of this picture makes it jump off of the screen into a seemingly moving image.


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