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‘Sense8’ season 2 review: Even better than the first

Sense8 premieres in just over a week and with the embargo now lifted we can finally tell you how amazing it is. Check out our spoiler free Sense8 review!

It’s hard not to love Sense8, let’s be honest. When the first season premiered it was a wonderful surprise to see so many diverse people in one show. It showcased different ethnicities and cultures, personalities, sexual orientations and so many different types of lifestyles all over the world, but it also brought us intrigue, mystery, sci-fi and some pretty hot/sexy romance.

‘Sense8’ season 2 review

I’m happy to tell you that Sense8 season 2 is more of what you loved from season 1, and often times it may be better than the first! If the first few episodes we had access to are any indication, the rest of the season is going to be spectacular.

Since Sense8 season 2 doesn’t come out for another week this review is spoiler-free, but what I can’t keep from talking about is how much better the pacing of the whole thing is now that we’re in the midst of crazy drama!

Sense8 season 2 review

It helps that we got a Christmas special to really whet our appetites, but even if you (for some reason) miss that episode, the season 2 premiere is a fantastic jump-start to our favorite sensates’ stories. We’re not spending nearly as much time learning what a sensate is — we’re spending more time learning about what we found out last season.

The questions you had last season finally start to get answered in the first few episodes, and it’s so satisfying to figure it all out. The best part about this is that it feels like a cohesive element to season 1, and if you tried to introduce a new friend to the show in one binge it would be a seamless transition between seasons.

We’re right where we left off with Will and Riley hiding away from Whispers, who’s definitely just as creepy as he was last season if not more so. It’s heartbreaking to see Will have to get drugged up every time they risk a chance of Whispers finding out where he is, but you’ll soon be rooting him on as he and Riley manage to get pretty damn creative with their planning.

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In Berlin, Wolfgang and Felix are as amazing a duo as ever, and seeing Wolfgang and Kala work out their relationship is honestly my favorite part about this whole show. Kala’s relationship with her husband that she does not love at all makes her dynamic with Wolfgang that much more interesting and Kala’s importance to Wolfgang’s life is probably going to make you cry. These two have so much chemistry that it’s almost impossible not to root for them to be together instead of Kala and her husband, but that relationship is so complicated it’s like…where do they even start?!

Sense8 season 2 review

In Mexico we’re back with Lito, Hernando and Daniela as Lito struggles to get through the consequences of coming out in a city that’s yet to accept the LGBTQ+ community as lovingly as a place like San Francisco.

There’s a moment in the premiere of season 2 where Lito gets asked about his sexuality by a reporter. This scene will make you either smile until your cheeks hurt or cry until your tear ducts run out. There’s no in-between, because all of the sensates come by to help give that reporter a piece of their mind and that scene alone will give you an indication of just how provocative and emotional the rest of the season will be.

I couldn’t possibly tell you all the amazing things I have to say about this show, but what I will tell you is that Capheus is still amazing, despite the change in actors. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like Toby Onwumere as much as I did Aml Ameen from season 1 but Onwumere delivers a solid performance through-out.

It’ll take a while to get use to a new actor in the same role. Once you do I, think you’ll find that his charm and personality carry him through season 2 just as Ameen’s did for season 1.

And for those of you who are really invested in Sun, rest assured that you will love seeing her get back in action and plot against her brother for making her the scapegoat to his own illegal deeds. Every time she balls her first I almost squeal with glee because there is not a moment that woman doesn’t kick ass, and I am here for it! Especially when she helps out the other sensates when they need a little more pep in their punch. Which is often.

Altogether Sense8 season 2 will have you clamoring for more and I’m sure we’re all going to be a pile of tears when it all ends. Given the fact that season 1 took so long to renew, the show is crazy expensive to film and the fact there might be another writer’s strike happening, one wonders if this’ll be the final season for the show. But who knows?! We haven’t seen the ending yet and if Netflix really loves it then Sense8 might be here to stay.

What part of ‘Sense8’ season 2 are you looking forward to most?

Sense8 season 2’s release date is set for May 5, 2017.

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