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‘Sense8’ series finale spoiler-free review: Together until the end (and beyond)

This is an ensemble film done right.

Sense8’s two-hour finale special, coming after two seasons of intense emotion — both on-screen and off — is a true victory for the show, the fans, and Netflix. (SPOILER-FREE!)

The biggest challenge we anticipated the Sense8 finale would have was fitting all of its characters into the same space, now that the cluster is finally together. It’s as ambitious an ensemble film as Avengers: Infinity War, and in this case, everyone has really visually-complex powers.

But Sense8 nails it on the head yet again. The finale is amazing. While it is hard to tell when characters are actually there and when we’re just seeing the cluster communicating, the show takes advantage of our confusion and uses it to weave an even more intriguing story.

Add in the great backdrops of European countries and the incredible skill of the Sense8 cast and crew, and we’ve got something of a quality we’ve never seen before.

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sense8 finale meeting

Unfortunately, the limited time meant there were bound to be some cuts. We don’t get much diversity when it comes to settings, nor do we get all the answers about each individual story, particularly Capheus’ political career and Rajan’s confusing safety issue. But honestly, there wouldn’t have been a smooth way to fit these things in with the pace of this finale — it simply would have been more suited for a third season.

In this special, there are more important things at stake. And it’s not just about saving Wolfgang: the story expands to involve much more. It’s also not overly focused on the details of BPO — which in my opinion, is a good thing; the science of clusters and the zombie experiments have always been the show’s weakest point.

There’s plenty of laughter and love to enjoy… but there’s also a lot of heartbreak, as we delve into some characters’ pasts, and see BPO strike back at the fighting cluster in a very serious way. It isn’t all fun and games, and there will definitely be heartache. The cluster has put itself in a dangerous position, and there are consequences.

sense8 finale cluster

But no matter what happens, Sense8 delivers on what we wanted the most: much-needed closure for every relationship. For passionate shippers (who am I kidding, that’s all of you), good news: Lana Wachowski heard your prayers and is fulfilling your dreams one by one. The finale is gratuitous.

The best part of the finale is seeing the cluster’s interactions now that they’re all finally in the same place. And better yet, seeing the sensates’ friends play off of each other; Amanita and Bug are no longer the only ones in the loop, and it’s so much fun!

As I was watching it, I kept thinking of how fascinating a family the cluster is: we just don’t get to see groups of people from so many different cultures, languages, and lifestyles come together on screen. Most shows would be afraid to even try to navigate such a complex set of relationships.

sense8 finale nomanita

But that’s what Sense8 has always been about: illustrating a new concept of what it is to be human.

At the end of the day, Sense8’s greatest victory, beyond storytelling or representation or even cinematography, has been to portray such an ambitious concept in such a profound way. It’s easy to make a formulaic show that deals with very concrete concepts. Sense8 is aiming for the spiritual, the heart of every human and how we are all inextricably bound to each other.

Is there potential for a third season? I would say yes. Some questions, mainly relating to subplots of season two, are left open-ended to give way to more story. The question is, will Sense8 be given a chance? In the end, it might all come down to ratings.

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