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‘Sense8’ finale: The cluster’s support system and what it means to be an ally

Sense8’s second season ended with a major cliffhanger.

Wolfgang was captured by BPO before he could unite with Kala and the gang responded by kidnapping Whispers and Jonas. So, it was a major relief when Netflix decided to give dedicated fans a 2.5-hour Sense8 finale to wrap up the series.

Sense8’s final episode was a satisfying ending for most fans with all the sensates surviving and the elimination of Whispers and Lila. BPO was restored to its former glory and Nomanita finally tied the knot in front of their closest family and friends.

The cluster may not have to fight for their lives anymore, but there is no doubt that this transcendent experience has made them best friends for life. But, their connection did more than bring 8 strangers from around the world together.

It also united their close friends and loved ones in the finale for an epic adventure in Paris and Naples. The extended Sense8 cluster family are all excellent examples of the power of a support system and what allyship looks like when it is done right.

Each character did a brilliant job of listening to the sensates and de-centering themselves in the situation so they could offer their support in the final showdown.

Here’s how the sensate supporters played an important role in the finale:


Amanita was an advocate for her trans girlfriend Nomi long before the cluster came into their lives. She stood up for Nomi at PRIDE, helped her escape a lobotomy procedure, and was one of the first “normal” people to believe a sensate, which makes her the original cluster ally.

She knew Nomi’s experiences and feelings were important and valid so she respected them, even though she couldn’t relate to what Nomi was going through. Amanita has always fought diligently by Nomi’s side both through physical actions when needed as well as educating herself about Nomi’s abilities as a sensate.

In the Sense8 finale, she continued to use her acquired computer knowledge to be an asset and showed extensive love, patience, and support through the seemingly impossible task of eliminating Whispers.

She was more frustrated at this point than fans had seen her before and told Nomi she dreamed of getting married, traveling, and enjoying their lives without the constant fear of death or capture. But, she continued to focus on the task and even stepped in for Will to medicate Whispers, which temporarily put her in danger.

Amanita’s love for Nomi was expressed in her perfect wedding vows, which summed up their relationship as lovers and partners against crime. She spoke about the importance of acknowledging and trusting a person’s feelings.

“…I know that feelings matter…sometimes they are little, like when I smell cinnamon toast and I miss my grandma,” she said. “And sometimes they are huge, like when I found out my girlfriend shares her thoughts with 7 other people around the world.”

Much of their relationship has put a lot of emotional weight on Amanita, but she knew they were fighting for something so much bigger than their cluster. In the end, Amanita got her wish to live in Paris and write her novel.

She’s everything a person could want in a friend, a lover, and a true ally who never hesitated to go to bat for someone who needs her help.

Dani and Hernando

Lito’s flair for dramatics both in front of the camera and in real life makes him a complicated person. Thankfully, Dani and Hernando have both been there to guide him through this strange sensate journey as well as the backlash he received as a gay public figure.

Dani inadvertently started living her best life when Lito and Hernando aided her escape her former boyfriend’s physical and verbal abuse. Both men stood up for her and gave her a makeshift family and she returned the favor by helping them navigate through rampant homophobia after their relationship was made public.

The Sense8 finale did not show much of the trio, but Dani and Hernando still participated in the plan to get Wolfgang back. They were willing to step and be supportive, whether it was Dani acting as a decoy or Hernando coming up with an excellent plan to use a Trojan horse get access into a BPO compound.

Dani called Whispers out for being weak and abusive to sensates and embraced Lito’s fellow sensates. And, Hernando’s brilliance and calm balance continued to be beneficial for Lito as he dealt with dangerous circumstances.

Both of them put themselves on the front lines for the sake of the cluster and proved why Lito is one of the luckiest men in the world.

Detective Mun

Sun has had a difficult journey that included tarnishing her reputation (and gaining a criminal record) behind the actions of her brother all in the name of honor. She found friendship and people who were willing to take risks for her in the sensates, but Mun brought tenderness, love, and compassion into her life.

He’s her match when it comes to intelligence and fighting skills, but he also became an excellent resource for the overall team when he showed up just in time to save Sun just as she was going to be arrested after they retrieved Wolfgang.

Helping Sun put him in direct opposition with his job title, but he became her advocate by listening to her, believing in her (and his own good sense/instincts), and actually doing the work to help her gain freedom.


Rajan was the most surprising addition to the cluster support clan. Kala’s well-intentioned yet clueless husband popped up to discover her in their Paris apartment with a group of strangers.

He wanted to know what was going on and he was not prepared for Kala’s answer. His stunned face was the reaction that any of us would have if someone we loved told us about being a sensate and being hunted down by a secret organization.

But, he rolled with the punches and immediately wanted to know what he could do to ensure their safety. Rajan didn’t make the situation about him by berating Kala for withholding information or focusing on anger/jealousy over her special connection with Wolfgang.

Instead, he got involved with their plans and even risked his life to save Wolfgang – a man he didn’t know – because he knew how much Wolfgang meant to Kala.

His quick-thinking and intense focus on being a productive member of the group made Kala truly fall in love with the man she married and appreciate his presence.


Felix had a very small yet pivotal role in the finale, but he has always shaped Wolfgang’s life as his only friend. Illegal activities aside, Felix has been there for Wolfgang when he needed him and showed up in the finale with the heavy weapons, including the rocket launcher that made Wolfgang as hero.

He may not have a way with words and can’t seem to avoid getting shot, but he supports his BFF in the best way he knows how. In the words of The Golden Girls theme song, his heart is true, he’s a pal and a confidant.


He may not come when you want him to, but Bug is always right on time. Bug’s reintroduction to Nomi, whom he previously knew as Michael, was an interesting introduction of his character.

He was understandably taken aback, but he was one of few people who readily accepted Nomi as a trans woman. He has consistently been a valuable person who may not come when you want him to, but he is always on time.

Bug even opened his home to Nomi and Amanita after they were displaced when the FBI was hunting her down. The finale wouldn’t have been a finale without more wild quips and strange behavior from Bug, who had all the tech they needed to outsmart BPO.

Bug proved to be Nomi’s closest friend as he walked her down the aisle and told her that she looked beautiful and she was his family. Their relationship is the purest form of friendship and what it means to accept a person for who they are without conditions.

The sensates’ allies played a pivotal role in their journey. They were there to be the voice, eyes, and ears for them when they needed extra sets of hands and remained consistent until the bittersweet end.

Their willingness to listen, learn, and grow through this experience made the journey toward freedom so much sweeter.

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