The New Normal is fortunate enough to be airing the night before Halloween, and they are making full use of their time slot by having their own centric Halloween episode entitled “Para-New Normal-Activity”. Check out and rate their costumes below!

In the eighth episode of their first season, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) is a big Halloween enthusiast and decorates the house so it’s the best on the block. He also tries to dictate what everyone should wear for his Halloween party, insisting on a strict costume theme. However, not everyone agrees to this costume restriction. What do you think of their outfits? (Photos from Talk TV World)

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What’s also exciting about this episode, and which you might have already realised from looking through the photos, is that an earlier report we made on Hypable about George Takei and Nicole Richie joining the show has finally happened on this episode. Richie plays best friend to Bryan who annually go to shop for pumpkins and try and spot celebrities, while Takei plays Bryan’s make up artist, Sam, on his musical TV show, Sing, and is enlisted to help Bryan with everyone’s costumes.  

Murphy is well known for referencing pop culture trends, and it isn’t any different for The New Normal’s Halloween episode. This time, through the character of Bryan (who Murphy has said multiple times is based on himself), the reality TV show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo will play an important part in the episode, with Bryan insisting that the party be themed Honey Boo Boo style. This decision doesn’t seem so strange after the hilarious Grey Gardens impression by Shania in a previous episode. Obviously, Murphy has a thing for reality TV, and hopefully his take on Boo Boo will be just as funny.

The New Normal Halloween episode “Para-New Normal-Activity” airs on October 30 at 9:30 p.m. on NBC.

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