8:31 am EDT, May 10, 2016

Even Mark Hamill agrees: Sebastian Stan looks just like a young Luke Skywalker

Even Mark Hamill himself can't deny the resemblance.

Bucky Barnes: The secret love child of Luke Skywalker? The resemblance between Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill is uncanny!

Tumblr has been on this one for a while, but it was brought to the attention of the general public when Mark Hamill retweeted a scary picture — Sebastian Stan’s face morphed with a promo shot of Mark Hamill taken at the time of the original Star Wars trilogy. As you can see, the two actors are practically identical:

Of course the morphing does make their resemblance exaggerated, but it’s not the only lookalike shot floating around out there. Here’s a pair of unedited pictures side-by-side:

Sebastian Stan Mark Hamill

For posterity and purely for the sake of objective journalism, here’s another visual comparison of the two actors:

Sebastian Stan Mark Hamill 2

And Mark Hamill clearly sees the resemblance, too, considering the glee with which he’s retweeted and commented on fan responses to the doppelgänger reveal:

With Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill both active in the biggest franchises of our time, the MCU and Star Wars, respectively, it makes sense that fans are only now beginning to study their faces and finding these kinds of comparisons.

Now we can simply sit back and enjoy the fallout of this long-lost family connection. Especially when it amounts to gems like these:

A photo posted by @imsebastianstan on

Now, would the Star Wars universe by any chance need a young Luke Skywalker to go along with their new Han Solo…?

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