3:45 pm EST, July 10, 2018

Get the scoop on ‘Killjoys’ season 4 with this sneak peek from the Space Channel

The countdown to season 4 of Killjoys has 10 days to go and I don’t know about you but my excitement levels are definitely up there.

Can you believe we’re up to season 4 of Killjoys? I’m still getting over Aaron Ashmore in season 2 and the whole second half of season 3. But we’ve been waiting months for season 4 of Killjoys and now it’s so close I can taste it.

Lucky for those of us who hate waiting with a fiery passion, Space Channel has dropped a little video that offers a look at the new season and also goes behind the scenes with the cast and crew to preview upcoming events.

That said, there are definitely spoilers here, so consider yourself warned.

Here thar be spoilers. Proceed with caution. Arrrrrrr*.

Last we saw Dutch and Aneela, they were stepping into the Hullen Green to fight The Lady in the GreenSpace. What all that means has yet to be seen, but we DO know Dutch and Aneela are going to have to put their desire to kill one another aside in order to save The Quad and everyone else. Now that Aneela better understands who Dutch is and how they’re connected, who knows — maybe they can bury the hatchet and not in one another.

Last we saw D’avin, Johnny, and Kendry, they were hurtling through space in an elevator like some space-faring version of Willy Wonka, but with way more familial dysfunction. As you’ll recall, Kendry is pregnant with Aneela and D’avin’s biological child. That means Johnny’s the baby’s uncle and it means this trio needs to figure out a way to stay alive without killing one another.

Last we saw Fancy, Pree, Turin, Zeph, Pippin and everyone else, they were in Aneela’s ship in the middle of the Hullen fleet fighting for their lives until, suddenly, all the Hullen went immobile and silent.

There’s the review. Here’s the preview.

Okay, so.

Johnny’s Hullenized (what?), Dutch and D’avin are at odds (must be Tuesday), Pree, Zeph, and Pippin are Killjoys (awwwww, newbie Killjoys!), Aneela, Dutch, and Khylen are all working together (talk about something I never thought I’d see) and Kendry’s coming off as the rational one (now you KNOW things are out of hand).

I can definitely tell you that the trip into Johnny and Dutch’s past is worth the price of admission alone.

If you’re not caught up on Killjoys and you’ve read this far, then I suggest you get caught up. Season Season 4 of Killjoys is promising to be the best season yet.


*I don’t know why I went with pirate speak there. Maybe space pirates? I don’t know. It’s early in the morning and I’m in need of coffee.

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