5:15 pm EDT, July 24, 2017

SDCC do’s and don’ts: Survival tips from the fans who know best

SDCC is a blast, but you definitely need to come prepared. Here are some survival tips from those who’ve learned from experience.

Hypable scoured the SDCC 2017 showroom floor for the biggest fans out there, hoping to curate a list of survival tips that would help even the most organizationally challenged fan succeed at the convention. Some of these fans seem like they were born for the unique and crazy world of San Diego Comic-Con, while some have clearly learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Does all of the recent SDCC talk have you dying to attend? Did you make some big mistakes in your preparation this year? Do you just want to laugh along with fellow fans about the madness that is SDCC? No matter what your situation, these tips are sure to leave you feeling more prepared, inspire you for your next great cosplay, or at least leave you laughing!

Check out what these very well-dressed fans chose as their best SDCC survival tip. If you have your own advice for future attendees, let us know, in the comments!

Umbrella for long, sunny lines

Don’t fart in a crowd :)

Comfortable shoes

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Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, & Dodge

Don’t cosplay as Negan in 80F weather

Stay hydrated…but not too hydrated (or else you’ll have to pee too much)

Make sure your suitcase locks.

Don’t lose your head

Don't go into the bathroom alone.
Don’t go into the bathroom alone.

Positivity! :)
Positivity! :)


Rum makes everything better

Blanket + umbrella to Hall H line!

Don’t step on my f***ing tentacles…

Have friends :)

Don’t forget your chimichangas!


Stay wasted!


Don’t wear something this hot

Take care of your feet

Don’t wear wings, it’s not worth it


If you stop walking, MOVE OVER

Don’t wear 5 layers of clothing

Pack your lunch

Wear deodorant!

Comfy shoes

What are your best SDCC survival tips?

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