Okay, Scream Team, the season 2 finale is upon us, and as much as we need to know whodunnit, we also need to know if the Killer has an accomplice!

Scream season 2 has been all about finding Piper’s accomplice. We knew since last year that Piper wasn’t working alone because she was attacked with Will in the warehouse and knocked unconscious by someone in a Brandon James mask. It turned out Piper was the Big Bad, but that didn’t mean she was going solo.

This year, we already knew going into the season that Audrey had been associated with Piper, but was she her willing accomplice to murder? Probably not. Audrey is getting harassed by the Killer as much as Emma, so it stands to reason that whoever is out there really does have a vendetta against her.

We’ve speculated all season about who the Killer could be. At the end of each of my recaps, I dive into my top three choices for that week. Everyone has a secret and, therefore, everyone is a suspect. In fact, it’s been difficult to pin down one person who’s more suspicious than all the others.

Does this mean, then, that Piper’s accomplice could have an accomplice?

scream 211 killer kieran

The Scream franchise is known for its plot twists, and the killer team revealed at the end of season 1 was anticipated, if not expected. Would Scream really pull that twist on us again? Definitely. It’s happened several times in the movies, and I wouldn’t put it past the show to use another duo to keep us on our toes.

We don’t yet know if Scream is going to get a season 3, but if it does, introducing a pair of killers at the end of season 2 could be an excellent way to extend that narrative into next year. Then again, I don’t know if I want them to keep playing these cards. The show is at its best when it’s utterly unpredictable.

But the real question is who could the duo be? A lot of fans are leaning toward Kieran as Piper’s accomplice. There are plenty of reasons why that would be plausible, but the topic of the Killer’s identity has been hotly debated throughout the season. I’m much more interested in which two characters could possibly be working together.

Eli is Kieran’s cousin, but they hardly see eye to eye. It’s interesting that Eli was in town last year when Kieran was around, and I wonder if the pair could’ve started working together back then. They may butt heads every once in a while over Emma, but that’s not to say familial bonds aren’t stronger than romantic love when you’re twisted in the head.

Stavo has been another huge red flag this series, though a lot of fans are convinced he’s a little too obvious to be a contender for the Killer. If he is hiding under the mask, though, who could he possibly be working with? The person he’s closest to on the show is Brooke, but I don’t see her offing her friends and her ex-lovers because she’s holding a grudge against Emma for some unknown reason.

scream 207 brooke dead body 2

Could it be the psych teacher? She and Stavo certainly share a fascination with what’s been going on lately. If it’s Brandon James, could it have something to do with Stavo wanting to get back at his father for some reason?

Here’s a crack theory for you — what if it’s Audrey and Emma, and they’re not working together, but they’re working against each other. Throughout the season it has been suggested that Emma is unstable. What if, over the summer, she found out Audrey had been working with Piper and just snapped? What if she’s been harassing Audrey because she’s known all along what her former BFF has been up to?

And if Audrey is the second Killer from season 1, could she be working against Emma without knowing that Emma has actually been targeting her this whole time? It’s not a perfect theory by any means (because we still don’t know who the eff killed Rachel), but what a twist it could provide!

It’s truly difficult to say who could be working together — if that is indeed what’s been going on here. The show does a great job of passing out red herrings like candy on Halloween and keeping suspects far enough away from each other that it would be difficult to pin down exact motives for two of them joining forces.

We’ll need more information before we can figure out if there is just one killer or two.

Do you think two people could be working together as the ‘Scream’ season 2 killer?

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