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‘Scream Queens’ season finale recap: The bathtub baby revealed

Last night, Scream Queens aired its epic two-part season finale, and we got a lot of answers that fans have been wondering about all season long!

The two-hour Scream Queens season finale was actually two episodes rolled in to one. Titled “Dorkus/The Final Girl(s),” the final episodes of the season could have probably been rolled in to just one, as the second half of the finale seemed somewhat unnecessary.

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However, we start the episode in the same scene that we left off from last week’s episode: Pete confessing that he is a murderer. And though he did wear the Red Devil costume and killed people, he was obviously not the girl baby in the bath tub. He confesses to Grace that he was doing it because he figured Boone out and the only way to stop the carnage was to murder Boone and Gigi himself. He tells Grace that the other killer is a Kappa sister, but just as he is about to tell Grace who the baby in the bathtub is, a Red Devil jumps out of the closet behind him and kills him.

After Chanel attempted to kill herself like Cleopatra due to her image being tarnished by a tirade e-mail gone viral, she and Zayday are attacked by a Red Devil. This time they manage to tackle him and it turns out to be a pizza delivery guy who was set up by the real Red Devil. A few moments later he blows himself up and body parts go flying.


So, Wes distracts Munsch with an awkward and enticing romp in the bed complete with a rose between his teeth while Grace and Zayday hack into Munsch’s files. They find out that Hester actually has no official records on campus, including a social security number that reads 123-45-6789.

Chanel later makes some connections and thinks that Melanie Dorkus, the girl who was spray tanned with acid, is the killer. She visits her to set up a false apology but ends up trying to kill her, but not before Grace jumps in and says that she knows Melanie is in fact not the killer — it’s Hester.

Still with us?

By the end of the first half of the episode, the Chanels head back to Kappa loaded with kitchen utensils as they go and try to find Hester, who they now believe is the Red Devil. But they find Chanel No.5 in a room when she said she was on a Tinder date with the lead singer of Nickleback. They walk into the closet and find Hester laying on the ground with a high heel in her eye. But Hester wakes up, points at Chanel No.5 and utters “Red Devil,” thus framing her.


The beginning of the second part of the finale, we flash forward to January 2016. It’s a new semester for Kappa rushes and Zayday is the President, Grace is the Vice President, and of course Hester is the one-eyed treasurer. In her own inner monologue (not unlike Rachel Berry!), we learn of how everything went down. That’s right, Hester is the baby in the bathtub and the other Red Devil killer. We see her growing up in the asylum where Gigi was training her and Boone. We find out that Gigi’s sister killed herself with laxatives, among other things. Hester was the brains of the operation.

Back to December 2015, we find out exactly how Hester framed the rest of the Chanels. It includes an elaborate plan with actors that play Hester’s parents, Chanel No.5’s actual parents who don’t like her, proof of Charles Manson’s suggestions to his daughter just to name a few. Essentially all three of them are implicated and arrested by Denise.

We then flash forward to May 2016, in typical Ryan Murphy season finale fashion, and wrap up another storyline: Chad. He and Denise broke up but he makes a foundation to all of the killed brothers of his fraternity. He has no idea what he is doing of course, but it was nice to get one final quirk from Chad.


Munsch inexplicably wrote a book about feminism, which as far as we can tell, has absolutely nothing to do with the story in the final episodes in any way. She joins the Kappa girls at a memorial they dedicated to the victims of this season. Munsch tells Hester she knows that she is the baby in the bathtub and how she could never forget a face like that. Hester confesses and Munsch, showing her moral character, says that she is turning Hester in. However, Hester knows what Munsch has been up to and says if she turns her in, she will tell the police about Munsch’s cover up of the woman in the bath tub 20 years ago as well as the murder of her ex-husband. They both agree to not turn each other in, in a quick, comical “Okay fine, see ya!”

In the final moments of the episode, we see the three Chanels sleeping through their trial. The judge orders them not to jail, but to the exact same asylum Gigi, Boone and Hester grew up in. We later realize that they actually like it there because they don’t have to worry about the trials and tribulations of real society, like the real sociopaths that they are!

The final scene of the season features Chanel heading to bed a the front of the room only to be jolted awake at the sight of a Red Devil standing over her.

Though the final moments of the season maybe seemed like time-fillers, the suspense and storylines wrapped up in a jovial yet satisfying fashion. Scream Queens had some wobbly episodes at the front-end of the season but eventually found its footing and made for really funny, unsuspecting suspense by the middle to second-half.

So what’s next? Ryan Murphy has said that Scream Queens will be similar to American Horror Story in that it is an anthology. However, unlike American Horror Story, the characters from Scream Queens will continue in to further seasons. This summer, Murphy also mentioned that only four characters will have survived and moved on to next season, but we have a few more than four: Zayday, Grace, Wes, Munsch, Hester, Chanel, Chanel No.3, Chanel No.5, Denise and Chad. Who or what season 2 will be about is anyone’s guess, but part of us really hopes we don’t have another Ryan Murphy asylum-themed television show!

What were your thoughts about Scream Queens this season? Was there anything that you wished they would have wrapped up or explained that never got mentioned?

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