‘Scream Queens’ season finale airs tonight

12:00 pm EDT, December 8, 2015

Scream Queens will end its first season tonight with an epic 2-hour season finale that will hopefully answer all the questions we’ve been waiting to have answered!

The season finale of Scream Queens is actually a two-part, two-hour finale featuring double episodes titled “Dorkus/The Final Girl(s).” Also note that tonight’s season finale of Scream Queens begins at 8/7c as opposed to its normal time at 9/8c.

Not much is known about what will happen in the season finale. The preview for the episodes promises a “shocking, twisted, two-hour finale,” which is definitely enough to keep us tuned in! Check out the preview, in which we see Zayday unmasking the elusive Red Devil with a shocking reaction.

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At this point there are a couple of major questions fans are hoping to have answered during tonight’s highly-anticipated season finale. Since we know Boone and Gigi are dead (right?), who is the other Red Devil killer? Pete confessed that he is a murderer in the previous episode but does that mean that he is a Red Devil too? Our theory is that he killed Coney the mascot, which is the one death this season that doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with the overall storyline, but it fit the profile of a Red Devil at the time.

Another question that a lot of fans are going to want answered is what the motive for the killers has been? What has all the conspiring on Gigi’s part actually meant? Will there be unfinished business?

Speaking of unfinished business, that leads us to the next obvious question we will be asking at 10 p.m. tonight: what happens in season 2? Ryan Murphy reported this summer that only four characters will make it out alive, so tonight’s episode could potentially be a bloodbath!

What are you final thoughts on tonight’s Scream Queens season finale?

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