‘Scream Queens’ horror stories we hope don’t become true

There's nothing scarier than a pregnancy scare.

3:00 pm EDT, November 20, 2015

Sometimes what you don’t want is more important than what you do. And there are some true horrors that could actually happen on Scream Queens.

This week on Scream Queens, Denise and Hester told some ghost stories (though the jury’s still out on whether or not they were scary) in an effort to make the girls less scared of the serial killer who’s out to get them. But what Scream Queens scenarios would be horrifying to us? There are plenty of theories going around of what we think will happen by the end of the season, but what kinds of things would we not want to happen?

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Zayday is the (or a) killer

scream queens zayday williams

Of all the characters that could be the killer (and let’s face it, that’s basically all of them), we definitely would not want it to be our girl Zayday. Zayday has really become a centre stage star in our eyes, despite still being shafted as a side stage star to the likes of Chanel. She’s funny, smart, and doesn’t let anyone push her around.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better character to root for in this show, and if she turned out to be a killer it would be a stab to the gut. A tragedy. A betrayal. “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!”

Hester (actually) gets pregnant

scream queens hester ulrich

The one thing people of the Scream Queens world do not need is another Hester running around. That girl is all kinds of crazy. Not the kind of crazy that makes you laugh. She’s the kind of crazy that you don’t want to be left alone in the same room as her. The kind of crazy that you’re afraid to drink from a glass she gives you. The kind of crazy that wouldn’t bat an eye when asked to hide a dead body. And would know how to do it without using Google.

No, Hester’s DNA being passed on to a child would not be a good idea. It would mean trouble for everyone, especially if the other half of that baby’s DNA is Chad Radwell’s. The absolute last thing anyone needs is an idiot baby with homicidal tendencies. That’s messy trouble.

Wes marries Gigi

scream queens wes gardner gigi caldwell

Wes may be a bit of an oddball, but Gigi is not the counter oddball for him. Assuming Wes is not a killer, he should not be marrying, let alone dating, a killer who has secret children. If she can’t be honest about where she sticks her knives, how do you know she’s not lying about anything else? Wes would do well to dump Gigi before he somehow becomes involved in any murders.

But if Wes is a killer then he and Gigi are a match made in hell and deserve to spend the rest of their lives together. Do we hear Red Wedding part two?

Chanel has a happy ending

scream queens chanel oberlin

If you really need an explanation for this, you probably don’t deserve a happy ending either.

Chanel may be a great character to watch but she is by no means a great character (after all, she did just kill someone). It always feels great when nasty characters get their just deserts. She doesn’t need to die though. It’d be much more satisfying to see her lose everything she holds dear, and have to live with it (or rather, without it). How great would it be to see Chanel lose her KKT presidency, boyfriend, popularity, ‘fancy’ clothes, and general wealth?

She may be Chanel #1 in title, but in our hearts she is Chanel #-100.

What horrific situation do you hope won’t become true?

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