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‘Scream Queens’ fashion styles that are totally on trend

Because who doesn't want to look like an outdated shag rug?

Bow down to the fashion queens! It’s time to renovate your wardrobe with the latest styles this season, brought to you by Scream Queens.

This week Chanel gave Hester a much needed makeover, and it was quite the improvement! Of course, it’s not surprising that Chanel would work her magic. After three episodes, it’s quite clear Chanel has amazing fashion sense, but she’s not the only one. So many characters on Scream Queens have demonstrated unique styles and trends that we’re eager to emulate.

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Fuzzy Earmuffs

scream queens fashion earmuffs

Throw practicality out the window! It doesn’t matter whether the outside air is cold, hot, or somewhere in between, fuzzy earmuffs are in. There’s nothing more trendy than mixing hot climate styles with cold climate styles, so balance out that summer tan with some winter muffs! The more colors you have, the better. After all, they have to match the rest of your outfit. If you’re more on the wild side, you might want to add some flare with jewels, studs, feathers, whatever suits your personality.


scream queens fur fashion

But why stop at earmuffs? Deck out your entire wardrobe with fluffy, fuzzy, furry, and every other ‘f’ word pieces! It can be accessories, secondary pieces (like a vest), or primary pieces (like a dress). The point is, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, as long as you have a fuzzy piece (or pieces) in the ensemble. Don’t worry about getting too hot, the uncomfortableness is worth it to look super fashionable and cool (not in the temperature way, in the trendy way, obviously).


scream queens 90s fashion

Not any ’90s trend. Oh no, we don’t just mean ’90s grunge, denim, flannel, or leather that’s been re-sweeping the nation. A quirked-out Clueless look is making a comeback. Sometimes you might find yourself asking, “What on earth is that?”, but that’s good! The weirder the better. If it looks too colorful, if it looks like it doesn’t fit, if it looks like it doesn’t go together, you’re on the right track. If the color makes you feel nauseated, push it further. Make it more nauseating!

This trend is probably the hardest to master because it isn’t just about one piece. It’s your entire outfit, and more importantly, the attitude that goes with it. Rock whatever mish-mash you throw together with confidence and you’re sure to get it right.

Collared Button-Ups Under Sweaters

scream queens fashion button ups

When you heard ‘layering’ was back in style, did you think that meant flannel? Don’t be silly, obviously it meant layering collared shirts and sweaters. Nothing screams sexy quite like dressing the same as your dad or grandma. That vintage style is definitely on trend right now. In fact, why not raid your grandma’s closet? She’s sure to have some colorful granny sweaters and sweet button-ups she doesn’t need anymore. In fact, she’d probably be happy to give them to you, feeling flattered that you’re so inspired by her style. Extra fashion points if the collar has little designs on them, for that extra pop of personality.


scream queens fashion capes

We all know superheroes are the popular thing lately, so keep the trend going by donning a kick-ass cape! Really strut your stuff, feeling empowered by the cape billowing behind you as you power walk through the day. It’s such an easy way to accessorize. Almost any piece of fabric will do. High collars are a nice addition, but not essential.

Your best bet is not to match it completely to your outfit, but to use a color that complements what you’re wearing. It doesn’t have to be the star piece, but if you want it to be, try a vibrant color, or bold pattern. Length should be at least down to the knee. Just be wary of revolving doors and escalators, as capes tend to get caught.

Hair Pieces

scream queens fashion hair clips

We’re not talking little butterfly clips (those are so 1997), we mean big bejeweled brooches for your hair. These hair pieces are a great way to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit, because everything is better with a little glitter. Anything you wear will look 10 times classier with a shiny clip in your hair. Don’t feel obligated to get diamonds though, rhinestones will do just fine.

Flat Caps

scream queens fashion hats

Also known as golf hats or cabbie caps, the flat cap is finally returning to mainstream style! It’s anyone’s guess why it’s been so taboo to be worn by anyone other than golfers, but alas, its time has come. Wear that hat proudly with any ensemble. Use it to add a splash of color to your outfit, or if you’re already colorful, wear a neutral toned cap so as not to draw the eye away from whatever star piece you’ve chosen.

Like many other pieces here, practicality is not important. This cap is as much a part of your outfit as your shoes, so wear it inside too (as long as hats are allowed inside. We are not giving you permission to break hat rules put in place by the building you are occupying).

Colored Khakis

scream queens fashion pants

Of course we couldn’t forget the boys! Throw those blue and black denim jeans away boys, it’s time to spice up your life! (Or legs?) Make a statement with fitted colored khakis. The bolder the color the better. Complement them with an equally bold colored top too. When you really start to get the hang of it, upgrade to some patterned pants. Start with more neutral colors at first, and slowly move up to the vibrant.

Which ‘Scream Queens’ trend are you going to work this season?

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