Scream Queens returns for an all new episode tonight titled “Black Friday.”

The newest episode of Scream Queens, “Black Friday” will air tonight after last week’s “Thanksgiving” episode. It seems that the show will continue to jump on the holiday madness that Scream Queens happens to fall upon this season, having focused several episodes on Halloween, and now two on Thanksgiving.

Tonight’s new episode looks like we will see the Chanels trapped inside a shopping mall on Black Friday while the Red Devils continue to terrorize them. In the preview for the episode, we hear Zayday and Grace conspire to murder Dean Munsch, which may lead fans to believe that Zayday is more involved with the overall plot than initially thought. Check out the preview for tonight’s new episode below:

With only the two-hour season finale left next week, tonight’s episode of Scream Queens should give us some answers that we’ve been waiting for all season. Will we finally get more information on the motives of Gigi and Boone? Is Munsch even more involved with the plots and motives than we first realized? And given that this is a Ryan Murphy production, what twists and turns are coming up that we didn’t see coming?

If you want to quickly catch up on what happened during last week’s “Thanksgiving” episode, check out this wonderful video recap that was posted on the Scream Queens official YouTube account.

Don’t miss tonight’s new episode of Scream Queens airing at 9/8c on Fox.

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