Scream season 2, episode 12, “When a Stranger Calls,” just finished airing, and we finally have all the answers. Or do we?

The Scream season 2 finale is upon us and there is just one question we want answered tonight: Who the eff is the Killer?

But first let’s figure out how we got to the reveal. The episode picks up right where last week’s left off as the killer causes the cop car carrying Emma and Audrey to crash. The Killer murders the cop and lets Emma and Audrey go free. He later informs them that if they go to the police, he’ll start gutting all her friends. The game is on.

We cut to Ms. Lang next, who informs Sheriff Acosta of the term the madness of two, where the psychosis of one helps push the other over the edge. Lang thinks Emma and Audrey are pushing each other into the realm of madness. Of course, we know the madness of two does apply here, but it’s Piper having an influence on Kieran.

All the while, Emma and Audrey are on the run. Emma sneaks into Kieran’s room, and we learn that Eli never came home last night. His mother, meanwhile, is all packed up and has left town. (Boy is she going to get a horrible phone call when this is all over.) The gang plan to meet at the theatre to make their next move, and Emma hightails it out of there right before Eli catches her. He was at the station being questioned because Kieran told the cops everything.

Eli could defend himself a little bit better here, but if he suspects Kieran as much as we’re led to believe by the end of the episode, it’s no wonder he’s being mysterious in this scene.

Brooke visits Noah in the hospital, and it’s a huge relief to me that she doesn’t think Audrey or Emma killed anyone. I’m still disappointed we didn’t get a confrontation scene between her and Audrey since Brooke saw Audrey with Jake’s dead body, but there was a lot going on.

Like the amazing and stupid friends they are, everyone joins Emma and Audrey at the movie theatre and don’t tell the cops anything. And like the amazing and stupid person she is, Emma goads the Killer into a confrontation that, to say the least, doesn’t go her way.

As per the Killer’s MO, Stavo gets a fake text from Brooke telling him to meet her at the theatre. They’re cautious, though, and no one lets him in. Stavo’s little outburst doesn’t do him any favors, but in the end we know that we don’t have to worry.

I love this scene for a different reason, and that’s the back and forth between Noah and Brooke. Noah is freaking out, his mind going a million miles a minute, and Brooke tells him not to get meta on her. Except that’s exactly what he does, and he floats the possibility of the accomplice having an accomplice. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Scream is at its absolute best when it’s subtly aware of itself.

scream 212 brooke killer

Poor Brooke gets the short end of the stick in this episode, though, when she’s attacked by the Killer. They call the cops and she’s taken to the hospital, but she’s in critical condition. I was always afraid Brooke was going to die at the end of this season just because she’s a fan favorite and not as central to the investigation as, for example, Noah, but it didn’t make watching this scene any easier.

In fact, it got a whole lot worse when Stavo shows up at the hospital crying. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am that Stavo didn’t end up being involved at all. Yeah, he’s a bit peculiar, but he’s a good person, and now when I go back and rewatch season 2, I can ship him and Brooke without feeling guilty. Thank God.

Even the moment between Stavo and his father, however brief, was a great touch after all they’ve been through.

Emma fled the police when they showed up to take Brooke to the hospital, and Audrey was nowhere to be found. I was chanting, “Not the killer, not the killer!” the entire time because I don’t think I could’ve handled it if Audrey ended up being a part of the murder spree. Fortunately, Audrey was innocent. Unfortunately, she had been kidnapped by the Killer and held hostage at Piper’s childhood foster home, where he told Emma to meet him.

As usual, Kieran shows up unexpectedly, and though he had been on my radar for quite a while, this finally edged him in front of the pack. Even the excuse of pinging the phone to find them seemed weak, and it was only a matter of time before Eli showed up and accused Kieran of everything.

scream 212 kieran

Remember how Eli was shady AF and we all suspected him of being a super creeper? Well, I won’t excuse his habit of sneaking into other people’s homes, but it turns out he probably didn’t stalk that girl back in Atlanta. And he probably really liked Emma in a non-stalker kind of way.

Which means Kieran was the one obsessed with the girl, and he pinned it all on his cousin. Kieran and Piper were also together, and she taught him that killing was way better than therapy for solving your problems. (Pro tip: No, it’s not.)

Oh, and this does totally explain Rachel’s murder, which has been hanging over us for a season and a half. Audrey’s initial guess that she was killed because she caught Kieran on tape with Nina was absolutely correct.

After a good old chase scene, and several moments where I was sure Audrey would get a bullet in the head, the girls capture him and put a gun to his face. But Emma is better than he is, and despite everything she’s been through, she’s capable of thinking clearly and objectively. She lets Kieran live so he can spend a long, long time in a jail cell.

With just about sixty seconds left in the show, we get a pretty good wrap up of the season. Emma and Audrey hang out at the movie theatre, and while this feels kind of implausible given everything they’ve been through there, it’s nice to see them together. I am curious whether they’re together together, but while they look pretty comfortable around each other, we don’t get any further hints.

Brooke is eating dinner with Stavo and his father, and they look like a happy little family. (If she had died, there would’ve been riots in the streets.) Stavo’s graphic novel sits on the counter, and we’re led to believe his father no longer suspects his son is a murderer and has accepted his rather morbid hobby.

But they couldn’t end the Scream season 2 finale with at least a little bit of a cliffhanger. Maggie sees her note to Brandon James, now bloody, pinned to the tree with a knife. Kieran, in jail, receives a phone call: “Who told you that you could wear my mask?”

Does this mean Brandon James is alive, well, and more than capable of murder after all?

We’ll have to find out when the show returns in October for a Halloween special.

Did you guess correctly that Kieran was the ‘Scream’ season 2 Killer all along?

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