11:17 pm EDT, August 25, 2015

‘Scream’ season 1, episode 9 recap: Apex predator

Scream season 1, episode 9, “The Dance,” just finished airing. Have we finally figured out the killer’s identity?

Scariest moment

scream season 1 episode 9 sheriff killer

When you’re talking about Scream, you have to discuss the creepiest scene of the episode. Without a doubt, “The Dance” brought us one of the most nail biting moments when we saw Sheriff Hudson walking through the caller’s house. When he finds camera footage on a computer, we know it would only be a matter of time before something bad happens. And it does.

In classic Scream fashion, the killer shows up in a flourish of music right behind the sheriff, and though he senses the figure behind him, it’s not enough time to defend himself. He’s hit with a fire poker, and taken by the Brandon James copy cat.

Biggest reveal

scream season 1 episode 9 nina

Though Kieran has been a mysterious figure since the beginning, it was surprising to see him in a bar with Nina on the video Rachel took. If Kieran had nothing to hide, why didn’t he tell Emma he knew Nina?

Kieran has his excuses, but everyone is suspicious and this just adds one more strike against him. Plus having something to do right before the dance? Like maybe attack his own father? We’re just not buying it.

Most emotional moment

scream season 1 episode 9 brooke

Brook certainly had the most emotional moments of the episode. It’s hard not to feel for her, considering her mother is in rehab, her father in jail, her friends are dying left and right, and she was attacked herself.

But Brook’s fear about being watched again is what really got us. You can tell she feels violated and angry, but also upset that she doesn’t have anyone to turn to. She doesn’t think Mr. Branson is the killer, so she’s got to be wondering if she’ll be the next victim. She’s lasted this long, but she was already almost a victim. She’s got to be wondering if the killer will be coming back to finish the job.

Biggest question

scream season 1 episode 9 killer

Who is the killer?

Okay, obviously that’s the biggest question at this point in the series, but it feels like the only people we’ve crossed off our list are the ones who have died. Right now, everything is pointing to Kieran and Branson, but that’s what’s making us think it may not be them. Too obvious.

Kieran was acting shady this episode, but so was Jake. And Noah had a strange line (“I gave them the best evidence!”). Plus, we still don’t trust Piper.

But we can’t deny that Branson has escaped his jail cell and killed his guard in the process. That sort of thing kind of makes you look super guilty.

Best line

scream season 1 episode 9 branson

Scream is so good at blending horror with humor that every episode contains one zinger at the very least. This episode, we just couldn’t decide between two of them. One came from Mr. Branson, who was talking with Emma and tells her, “I’m a captive audience.” It was delivered with the darkest sense if irony, but it made us laugh anyway.

Jake’s puns were also on point this episode, especially when he was telling Emma he may have been the reason Brooke left his house earlier that day. Emma wondered what he said, and he just replies, “Some Jake ass thing.” A truer and more appropriate line has never been spoken.

What did you think of season 5, episode 9, ‘The Dance’?

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