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‘Scream’ season 1, episode 8 recap: So not okay

Scream season 1, episode 8, “Ghosts,” just finished airing. Read our recap and discuss with fellow fans!

The beginning of the episode starts with the fallout from the end of the previous one, where Will was killed. Emma is in a daze, listening to the tape of her father over and over again.

Noah visits Jake in the hospital, where he finally admits he was the one that tagged his truck. Jake miraculously wakes up, and that’s when Brooke returns and they have to break the news.

Emma heads back to school despite what she has just gone through. Emma acts fine right up until she sees Will’s locker, covered in notes and pictures.

Meanwhile, Piper goes to the sheriff to give him the tape of the mayor dragging a body into his house. Turns out, Brooke was the one who had Piper turn the tape in. The sheriff confronts the mayor, but he won’t talk until he can tell Brooke the truth. And Brooke won’t talk to him until she can talk to her mom. The sheriff hands her the number and tells Brooke her mom is waiting to hear from her.

scream season 1 episode 8 piper

Back at school, Kieran hugs Emma, and while its sweet on the surface, we’re still getting weird vibes from him. Things aren’t just “up in the air” right now, Kieran. Emma saw her ex boyfriend gruesomely murdered before her eyes. Speaking of which, Emma starts hallucinating about Will and his cleaved head.

Sheriff finds out where Emma’s dad has been until about three weeks ago, and then he fell off the grid. …Right when the heart showed up on their doorstep. But Emma doesn’t want the sheriff to keep digging because everyone else will suffer for it.

As Emma’s hallucinations get more and more realistic (and interactive!), she checks into the hospital. Mere seconds after her mother leaves her for the night, Emma’s father shows up. He tries to apologize for leaving, for being out of contact, and for what she heard on the tape, but Emma doesn’t want to hear any of it.

Brooke confronts her father, who tells her the body he was hiding was her mother’s dealer. He didn’t kill him; instead, he found him already dead, having overdosed all by himself. But it’s not enough for Brooke, who feels alone and betrayed. She walks out on him.

scream season 1 episode 8 maggie

Emma’s psychotic breaks continue well into the night, but at least they’re proving more straightforward. She remembers a fight her parents had the night her father walked out, and then sees hearts in various forms, before ending up looking at a sign for the pediatrics ward. When she goes back to the footage from the night she was at the hospital with Noah and Audrey, she finds proof of a baby.

While Emma has her own problems to contend with, Noah and Audrey have been snooping on Mr. Branson. They find out he used to be one Seth Palmer, who had a relationship with a 17 year old who eventually turned up dead. Before he could be caught, however, he disappeared and showed up with a new name. Noah and Audrey smartly call the cops, who put an APB out for him.

Unfortunately, Brooke is unaware of these recent developments, and goes running to Mr. Branson to forget about everything that’s been going on with her dad.

At the hospital, Emma confronts her mother about the ultrasound, which turned out to be hers. She was 16 when she had the baby and put it up for a closed adoption. The baby’s father? None other than Brandon James. Then Emma asks the question of the episode: What if Brandon James’ child is back in town?

scream season 1 episode 8 killer

Mid makeout, Mr. Branson says he heard something and goes out of the room to check it out. That’s when things get really spooky. The lights go out and the spotlight comes up, right on Brooke. The killer runs after her, getting one good slash in, but she’s able to escape.

As she runs away, Mr. Branson catches her and acts surprised by what’s happened. Before we can truly decide if he was behind the mask or not, the cops bust in and arrest him. Brooke looks shocked, confused, and terrified.

The promo video for next week seems to solidify that Mr. Branson is involved in what has been happening to Emma, but this show has proven to be excellent at providing a multitude of red herrings. Only two more episodes until we — hopefully — learn the whole truth!

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