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‘Scoring the Player’s Baby’ by Naima Simone: Ronin needs Kim’s help in this exclusive excerpt

By Sonya Field | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

Naima Simone’s next novel in the WAGS series is just around the corner! Check out this fun and steamy exclusive excerpt from Scoring the Player’s Baby now!

Kim Matlock is still recovering from a nasty divorce that left her swearing off of pro football players forever when she moves to Seattle.

When she goes to a wedding expo for work, Kim never expects to land herself in a situation where helping a hunky stranger means kissing someone she doesn’t know, and changing the course of her life forever.

Because for Kim, one kiss with the stranger isn’t enough. She doesn’t learn that he’s a football player until it’s too late – and she’s connected to him forever by their unexpected child-to-be. Could Ronin be the one to mend her broken heart?

‘Scoring the Player’s Baby’ by Naima Simone exclusive excerpt:

“Help me.” The deep rumble vibrated against Kim’s back before the actual words reached her ears, reminding her of a bear’s growl. Not a Care Bear or Yogi, but a hungry grizzly just waking from hibernation. It was official; she was losing it.

She shook her head, trying to empty it of the inane thoughts. With that voice, she’d have expected him to say a smooth come-on or even something dirty and raw. Definitely not an S.O.S.

“Please,” he pleaded. “I’m being hunted. Like big-white-hunter-on-safari hunted. Help me,” he repeated. “I’ll pay you back. A house. Do you need a house? Or maybe a car? Whatever, I got you. I’m desperate…”

Shut up, she mentally hissed at her faceless, flesh-and-blood wrap. And not because he’d just offered to buy her real estate. No, it was because he’d offered to buy her real estate in that voice. That dark, husky growl deserved an aisle in the back room of a sex shop devoted to it. Right next to the nipple vibrators and clamps.

“You know, this smacks of sexual harassment. #MeToo. Ever heard of it?” she asked, injecting a firmness in her tone that was lacking from her resolve not to notice how good. He. Felt.

“Believe me, I’m down with the #MeToo movement. I completely love and respect women. But my virginity is being threatened. Help.”

“Uh…” What the fuck did she say to that? She weakly plucked at a thick wrist. Which was a colossal mistake. Because then she couldn’t help but notice the size of said wrist. Her shock thawed, curiosity creeping in. Jesus. Would her fingers be able to fit around it? As if her hand had seceded from her brain, she could only watch as said fingers sought an answer to the question, circling one of the wrists across her waist. A gap separated the tip of her middle finger and her thumb. Damn. He must be a freaking giant. As if that one thought unlocked a door, a deluge of impressions—of sensations—flooded her.

He surrounded her.

Those heavily tattooed and muscled arms. The wide chest that completely covered her back and shoulders. The thighs that bracketed her legs.

She closed her eyes. Another mistake. An image of him holding her the same way in a bed instead of in the middle of a convention center lobby flirted in her head before she could evict it.

Him behind her, his arms still holding her close, thighs spreading her legs wide, hot damp skin branding hers, a cock worthy of the size of those wrists penetrating her, stretching her, setting her on fire…

She shuddered. Had it been so long since she’d been touched that even a stranger whose face she hadn’t even seen could elicit such a strong, visceral reaction? Yep. The answer echoed in her mind as this man nuzzled a spot directly beneath her ear. A spot, coincidentally, directly connected to her nipples. The long-neglected tips hardened as if doing their own happy, it’s about damn time dance. Another shiver rippled through her as soft but coarse hair grazed her jaw.

A beard—whoever he was that had her body zooming into hyperdrive sported a beard. She preferred clean-shaven men, not even a five o’clock shadow…didn’t she?

Good God. She was losing her mind along with her control. Scrambling for a tenuous foothold in common sense, she plucked at his wrist again.

“Please. Did I mention I’m desperate?”

“I—” She cleared her throat. Tried again. “Um, fine. But what do—”

He abruptly released her, only to grip her shoulders and turn her around. She just caught a flash of dark eyes with the thickest lashes before a firm, wide mouth settled over hers.

Covered hers.

Sank into hers.


Scoring the Player’s Baby (WAGS #3) by Naima Simone will be released on July 9! Pre-order now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or Kobo. And don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!

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