Meet more of the School of Thrones cast members in this behind-the-scenes video, which gives you some new insight into the upcoming Game of Thrones-inspired webseries.

It’s prom season at Westeros Valley High, and you’re all invited: the new webseries School of Thrones is about to whip up a storm (of swords) on YouTube! The series boldly sets out to adapt George R.R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire saga for the modern age, and instead of battling for the Iron Throne, the characters will find themselves in a (equally nail-biting) battle for the title of prom king and queen.

School of Thrones features Starkid‘s Joey Richter (Theon), The Lizzie Bennet Diaries‘ Maxwell Glick (Stannis) and Mary Kate Wiles (Sansa), and many more up-and-comers you might know from a variety of viral videos.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video posted by Wizard Rocker Alex Carpenter, who got to play an extra at the prom:

Not only does this video feature an epic techno version of the Game of Thrones theme, but we also get some insight into production from producer Whitney Milam (who also stars as Margaery). Carpenter manages to sneak in some previews of upcoming scenes in there as well (is that Jon hugging Dany?! Where is Drogo?), and we learn that Theon Greyjoy is a waterpolo player – which explains the rather unorthodox prom outfit. And what do you guys think, should Alex Carpenter play Ned Stark in season 2?

Yesterday we posted some new character posters, and today there have been a load of new production stills released that reveal many fan favourite characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire saga we can’t wait to see brought to life:

 [scrollGallery id=1198 autoScroll=false thumbsdown=true height=420]

These stills show us Ashly Burch as Daenerys, Marisha Ray as Melisandre, Matthew Boehm as Loras, Brendan Bradley as Renly, Luke Morgan as Joffrey, Sax Carr as Varys, Michael Coleman as Littlefinger (their professor, because of course!), and many others.

You can find even more images up on the series’ official Facebook page! School of Thrones premieres March 10, so stay tuned… #PromisComing.

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