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‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 7: Release date, plot wishlist, how we got here

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Will there be a Schitt’s Creek season 7? Here’s everything we know about a potential seventh season for our favorite small town residents!

Updated September 2020 with the latest information, including the show’s various 2020 Emmy wins

Schitt’s Creek season 6 finished airing on April 7, 2020. Putting a bow on six seasons filled with love, acceptance, and the truly unbelievable, yet relatable circumstances of one family was no easy task. Yet the entire cast and creative team and crew managed to give every character that fans have come to know and cherish a fitting farewell.

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‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 7 release date

Unfortunately, Schitt’s Creek season 7 is currently not in the cards. And that’s a shame, because for some, Schitt’s Creek ended as quickly as it began. The series aired for four seasons on the Canadian network, CBC, and the little-known United States channel PopTV, before the back catalogue of episodes made its way to the streaming giant Netflix. As the fourth and fifth seasons continued as planned on the networks, the series began to drum up buzz as more and more viewers had access to this little gem of a series. It was primarily thanks to Netflix that the show found its footing.

To make a lack of a seventh season even more painful, in September 2020 the series swept the comedy categories at the 2020 Emmy Awards. The cast were shocked to receive so many wins, and hopefully it made them think about bringing the show back for season. 7 or a spinoff!

Specifically, the series won the following Emmys:

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  • Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Lead Actor, Comedy (Eugene Levy)
  • Lead Actress, Comedy (Catherine O’Hara)
  • Supporting Actor, Comedy (Daniel Levy)
  • Supporting Actress, Comedy (Annie Murphy)
  • Casting, Comedy Series (Lisa Parasyn, Jon Comerford)

Making ‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 6 the last season

Before the fifth season’s incredible finale, the series had gained monumental popularity seemingly overnight, and then, just like that, co-creators Dan and Eugene Levy announced that the sixth season would be the last.

For a fan base that was just beginning to reap the benefits of a show filled with such optimism and joy, it seemed like the rug was being pulled out from under us. But the beauty of Schitt’s Creek only gets better in rewatching the series. There are subtleties in the characters, layered in over episodes that you notice more and more as you go back over the seasons.

It’s a show that does not weigh heavy on the viewer and will provide comfort for many more as they discover it over time. But that doesn’t mean the prospect of not having any more adventures with the Rose family hurts any less.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 7 wish list

Schitts Creek finale cast

Just because the series is over does not mean we have to stop thinking of a few things we would like to see if Schitt’s Creek season 7 premieres.

Two of our writers, Natalie and Brittany, compiled a list of the top episode plot points they would like to see explored in a mythical season 7.

  • A Sunrise Bay revival episode, guest starring Nicole Kidman
  • Patrick’s parents return or they go to the Brewers for a family dinner
  • A scare that Moira was not properly ordained and therefore David and Patrick are not married
  • Patrick, David, and Twyla visit Alexis in New York
  • David and Patrick explore a new side of their sexual relationship
  • Stevie and David have a road trip to check out a new motel property
  • Roland and Stevie interviewing managers for a new motel
  • Patrick running for Moira’s seat on council just to bother Ronnie
  • Moira’s return to fame sends a group of fans to the Rosebud Motel and they treat it like a shrine
  • Roland is jealous of Johnny having an assistant in Los Angeles and hires Ray to be his
  • Johnny tries to pay it forward and help Bob out with a business venture, but it turns out that Bob sent all the money to Gwen
  • Moira and Johnny attend a reception in LA for the premiere of Sunrise Bay and run into some of their old friends

What’s next for the cast of ‘Schitt’s Creek’?

Schitt's Creek 1x01

While we sit around wishing for a season 7, the truth of the matter is that the cast are off on grand new adventures. If you miss that buttery-voiced beau of David’s, then check out Noah Reid’s second album Gemini, which is expected May 2020.

Dan Levy has a three-year development deal with ABC where he “looks forward to the opportunity and privilege to continue to tell inclusive and meaningful stories that shine a positive light out there.” We certainly cannot wait for more stories.

Annie Murphy is slated to appear in AMC’s Kevin Can F*** Himself, a dark comedy about a sitcom wife who breaks free from her scripted life and finds her rage. This seems like an incredible role for Murphy, who we can only imagine will nail the range of this role.

According to IMDb, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are set to reunite on the short animated film The Beast, Heroes of the Wildfire a retelling of the wildfire at Fort McMurray. O’Hara will be taking the role of Mayor Owl, while Levy steps in as Fire Chief Ducky.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 6: What happened in the final season

Rose Family goodbye schitts creek 6x13

As final seasons go, Schitt’s Creek entered the development stages with one significant advantage — they ended on their own terms. Though there are other examples of shows entering a final stretch of episodes with their entire creative team knowing that the end is approaching, Schitt’s Creek existed in a sort of bubble as the stories were being broken.

The popularity of the series ramped up to new heights as the cast gathered to film the final few episodes, but the writing process was ultimately completed without the outside pressure.

The goals remained the same from the outset of the series: This is a show about character growth. Some of the obstacles in the way of these characters were funny — David trying to build a cedar chest out of scrap wood to protect his sweaters, Moira trying to figure out Instagram Live.

Others were much deeper and required a great deal of introspective reflection — Johnny Rose recognizing that despite his hard work, he is still unable to give his family everything he wishes he could.

Season 6 ended up setting everyone on a course toward a new chapter in their lives both inside and outside of the town limits.

This section contains spoilers for Schitt’s Creek season 6.

The crows have eyes

To start off a bit light, one of the best running threads of the season concerned Moira Rose’s return, departure, and return again to her career. To say that Moira has always had one foot out the door of the motel would be an understatement (she definitely had a go-bag in the corner of her closet). But season 6 finally gave Moira the premiere she desired and an opportunity to finally pull all the ‘girls’ off the wall.

The cancellation of The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening was a devastating blow to Moira’s stamina. The dress for the premiere needed to be returned, the buzz she stirred up all over town was now nothing more than light chatter. When news of the Crows trilogy actually seeing the light of day on a streaming platform came in, Moira not only got her premiere, but she got the dress and the attention of her old colleagues who had long forgotten her value.

Alexis — a few hellbent crows — sparked the launch, but it was her prowess and admittedly a bit of a depressive spiral that helped her push her mother into the next chapter of her life. A marathon watch of Sunrise Bay sent Alexis deep into the message boards of the show’s run where theories about Moira’s former costar Clifton Sparks (played brilliantly by Victor Garber) had her written off the show.

So, when Clifton arrives in Schitt’s Creek to pitch the idea of a Sunrise Bay revival, Moira pieces together that he is not able to get the show off the ground without her support and makes herself completely unattainable with a list of demands that are near impossible to meet.

Though she sacrifices her resurgence in the eyes of the public, Moira standing her ground is not only a testament to how far she has come from her early days in the town, but a reflection of how she wishes to be seen in the eyes of her children.

Moira may never be fully on board with returning to any soap conventions and signing autographs for adoring fans again, but she is aware that Alexis knows her mother’s worth, and it’s time that she reminds herself of it.

It all pays off in the end when the studio decides on a straight to series order with her terms — no Clifton, a diamond tennis bracelet, and a boat load of money — ready for the taking.

Alexis says goodbye

alexis ted breakup

Alexis and Ted, since their first (and second) engagement in season 1, served as the will-they-won’t-they of the series. Their reunion in the season 4 finale set the couple on course for a fulfilling and beautiful relationship that met every hurdle life threw in their way, until they met one that they could not overcome or even walk around.

For months, Alexis and Ted tried to make the long-distance relationship work. Alexis remained in Schitt’s Creek while Ted left for his placement in the Galapagos Islands. Technology helped bridge their connection, but without physically being in each other’s presence, the distance became too much. The idea of either one of them living on the other side of the connection also proved to be too great of a hurdle.

In the episode, “The Presidential Suite,” Ted surprises Alexis with an impromptu visit and both are aware what awaits them at the end of his 24-hour return. In what is perhaps the most beautiful break-up I’ve ever witnessed on a series, Ted and Alexis spend one last moment acknowledging that their love for one another is not lost or coming to an end, but their experience sharing a life together has reached its conclusion.

And the best thing the series did was give Alexis the time to grieve the end of that relationship without it becoming the butt of a joke. No one was forcing her to move on, no one was shutting down her pain. And it was that acknowledgement that her journey is her own that ultimately got her out of bed, ready to face the next task in her life.

The big three

Stevie, Johnny, and Roland. The partnership between these three from barely making ends meet, to finding a second motel, to securing capital for the start of a business venture is the making of a Cinderella story. While Johnny is looked to as the de facto ringleader of the bunch, the sacrifices have been all three of theirs to bear.

Roland remortgaged his home to buy the second motel, Stevie saw the gaps in Johnny’s vision and figured out a way to present a viable way forward, and Johnny called in every last connection and stood in front of former colleagues to make a pitch for his new beginning.

The episode, “The Pitch,” was almost too full of second-hand embarrassment to watch, but Roland’s speech at the end to the people who are mocking Johnny for trying to rebuild himself from nothing is inspired. These people are the money, but their humanity is barely recognizable.

It stems from when Johnny stood up to his former friends in the season 2 finale, praising Roland and Jocelyn and the town for all that they have done for the Rose family when they hit rock bottom. It was a reminder of what can grow from nothing.

Stevie admires, looks up to, and respects Johnny. When she approaches Johnny to request that she be left out of the motel business moving forward, he gives her the space to blossom and search for what she wants in life. Like most of the Roses who have their sights set on the bigger picture, Stevie finds herself missing what she had right in front of her — a family business. (Thanks goodness, too, because Larry Air is terrifying and the uniforms are so cringe.)

The three Fs: friendships, family, and farewells

Finally, David makes the ultimate decision to stay in the town that nurtured and accepted him for everything that he is. The “friends” in New York are not worth his time or energy. He’s trying to prove himself to people who do not care, and that is coming at the cost of shutting out those who love and appreciate his company.

David chooses Patrick, Stevie, the safety and support of his found family and the love of his actual family over the idea that he needs to prove everyone wrong. He is proving everyone wrong every single day that he goes home to Patrick, has a fight with Stevie, helps Alexis through a tough time, has lunch with Moira, sells a product to a customer.

Leaving David at this point on his journey does not hit as hard as the other goodbyes. Perhaps it’s because we know he’s going to be okay. The other Roses are leaving this place — though Moira still might not say its name — called home.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 7 cast

schitt's creek season 7

If Schitt’s Creek season 7 ever came to fruition, it would be great to see all of our favorite people return. But since there would be stories in many different locations (and a new very supportive wave of celebrity interest in the show) we’d love to see some new guest stars join the fun!

Returning cast we want to see more of:

Dan Levy as David Rose
Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose
Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose
Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose
Noah Reid as Patrick Brewer
Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd
Sarah Levy as Twyla Sands
Chris Elliot as Roland Schitt
Jennifer Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt
Karen Robinson as Ronnie Lee

Guest stars we would like to see:

Nicole Kidman as a guest star on Sunrise Bay
Dustin Milligan as Ted Mullens
Deborah Tennant as Marcy Brewer
Ted Whittall as Clint Brewer
Tim Rozon as Mutt Schitt
Rizwan Manji as Ray Butani
Robin Duke as Wendy Kurtz
Richard Waugh as Heerb Ertlinger

‘Schitt’s Creek’ coverage

Schitt's Creek

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