Scandal season 5’s trailer debuted Thursday evening, exactly two weeks before the season premiere hits ABC.

The first trailer doesn’t disappoint: After some steamy scenes between newly-reunited power couple Olivia and Fitz, we see quick shots of all the big players. At the end of the preview comes a bombshell: Fitz handing Mellie divorce papers!

In the middle of the trailer we hear former VP Sally asking the president (presumably on her talk show) what he’s hiding from the American people. Could it be his new relationship with Olivia? Perhaps pressure from Sally is one reason Fitz wants to completely move on from Mellie — this way he won’t have to keep his affair with Olivia a secret.

Why do you think Fitz wants to divorce Mellie?

Scandal season 5 premieres Thursday, September 24 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on ABC.

The season 4 finale found Olivia and Fitz getting back together, Huck “potentially” dead, Rowan in jail, and Mellie out of Fitz’s hair. We can’t wait to see how these various cliffhangers play out over season 5!

Related: Series creator Shonda Rhimes revealed last month that Scandal season 5 will depict a revamped group of Gladiators.

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