The first clip from Scandal season 3, episode 13, titled “No Sun on the Horizon,” depicts Jake offering Quinn a new position in B613.

The position, unfortunately for her, is one that she’s not interested in. Jake has her working the phone lines at “Acme Limited,” a paper company. “Where’s my mission? Where’s my gun?” she asks Jake, who explains she needs to pay her dues. We also learn that Jake is putting a stop to all freelancing by B613 employees – an activity that happened on last week’s episode.

Quinn ended up in this lowly gig after Olivia yelled at Jake for putting her former employee on her father during episode 12. Olivia also tried to give Quinn her job back at OPA in the last episode. Could Jake’s punishment be the thing that convinces Quinn she should return to her old position with Olivia? What’s worse for Quinn, being in the presence of Huck, or working a telephone at a paper company?

Many viewers have grown tired of Quinn over the past few months. “Shonda [Rhines, the creator] needs to kill Quinn off already. I’m tired of her,” wrote one Facebook user on Monday. “The more I watch her the more I don’t like her,” wrote another.

Scandal season 3, episode 13 airs this Thursday, March 13 at 10 p.m. eastern/pacific on ABC. A trailer for this week’s episode says that something during the last minute of this episode will change the course of Scandal forever. Could someone be on death’s door?

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