No Grey’s Anatomy in tonight’s TGIT, but Scandal 6×11, and The Catch 2×07 were action packed! Here’s what happened!

‘Scandal’ 6×11 ‘Trojan Horse’ – Brittany Lovely

Scandal 6x11

Mellie Grant wants to fight for the people. But the people who need fighting for now are those closest to her — Cyrus, Olivia, Fitz, and all of OPA. With Cyrus’ innocence declared, he becomes the next President-elect of the United States. Abby takes him away to a safe, free place but he’s still in a cage. No access to his daughter, the memories of Vargas and prison running through his brain, Cyrus remains a prisoner.

Liz feeds on making others take what they want. And so, Mellie Grant is not going to take this loss lying down. After all, the electoral college still needs to confirm a candidate. Will America have the first openly gay President or the first woman in the Oval?

Liv tries to bring Cyrus out of hiding, but he is less than receptive to her presence. Who could blame him? If you recall, when Cyrus was still guilty, Liv cut all ties and left him for dead. So now, when her life is at stake, she must rally the troops to get Cyrus into the Oval.

Eli is keeping busy with the dinosaur bones, but he remains resigned to the fact that his life is irrelevant outside of his shop. He wants Olivia to call off her Cyrus campaign, lest she become a pile of bones for him to assemble. Michael is doing his part to make sure this doesn’t happen by dragging Cyrus on national television.

Fitz is the Hail Mary Liv unleashes to save the Cyrus Beane presidency. And it works. Cyrus cleans up and steps up announcing his change of character to the American people.

But nothing is going to stop this duo who are hell-bent on running the country. In order to incite fear in Mellie’s heart, they kill Liz right in front of her and then threaten her children. Marjorie Ruland, or “the blonde woman,” will now take over as Mellie’s Chief of Staff.

Jake arrives to clean up the mess and remind Mellie that she has him. Jake is her Vice President, her crime scene cleaner, and in this moment, her confidant. Fitz, meanwhile, is dealing with Olivia’s impending arrest thanks to FBI Director Webster. Even though she is just trying to do her job, Fitz turns it around by arresting Eli.

Turns out that Fitz was pulling a fast one on the FBI and Liv, faking Eli’s arrest and tucking him away safely in the White House. Put on your captain’s hats Scandal fans, this ship is sailing yet again! Did you miss it?

As the electoral votes come in, Mellie Grant is officially President and our long Scandal nightmare is over. Or is it only just beginning?

‘The Catch’ 2×07 ‘The Birthday Party’ – Kendra Cleary

the catch 2x07, sophie and danny

Margot finally realized that she can use her little child prodigy to her advantage in The Catch season 2, episode 7. She sent Tessa out into the inevitable battlefield that is a sweet 16 birthday party. Things got a little complicated when Papa Benji showed up to rescue his baby girl, but in the end, Mama Margot saved them both. I guess the family that cons together, stays together.

Ben’s still walking a very thin line between the good and the bad side with these new developments. It’s one thing for him and Rhys to run their cons for the FBI, but to be working with Margot and the Kensington firm is entirely another. He’s going to have to be careful if he still wants his perfect life with Miss Vaughan. Especially now that Ethan’s in the picture.

Speaking of Ethan, after an awkward drink with his ex-fiance and her new fiance, he was informed that some key personal information about him and his company had been leaked. He turned to AVI to find the culprit. It turns out, he went to exactly the right place, because the culprit happened to be there! Sophie had one of her friends in Anonymous investigate Ethan, which lead to the information getting out.

Once they determined that her friend had actually been killed because of what she knew, Alice and Sophie were forced to utilize some badass tech to stop the killer. He lead them to one of Ethan’s competitors, which helped them solve the case, once and for all. Even though Ethan also has a new fiance, there’s definitely still something there between him and Alice. We can’t wait for that awkward dinner that Ben mentioned, to see how this all plays out.

Alice, Ben and Ethan weren’t even close to the only love triangle in The Catch season 2, episode 7. Ben was forced to recognize what could have been with his family with Margot. Rhys and Justine will either be helped along or hindered by the return of her husband. God knows what’s going on between Sophie, Danny, Margot and… Felicity! We could have not have been more surprised to see her come back, but now that she’s reunited with Margot, whatever happens next is going to be fantastic!


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