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‘Scandal’ 5×02 recap: Olivia drops the bomb of all bombs

Scandal season 5, episode 2 was mostly uneventful but concluded with one of the biggest end-of-episode surprises in recent memory.

If you were like us, you gasped and woo’d at the very end of Scandal 5×02 when Olivia decided to do something no one predicted: She announced she and Fitz were sleeping together. The surprise comes just one week after Olivia herself told Fitz they needed to take things slow in order for their relationship to work.

Well… so much for that idea.

Let’s forget about it

At the start of the episode Olivia leaves town to avoid the media onslaught that has come from the leaked photos. Fitz is upset she’s left D.C. because they can’t work through this together. He wants to come clean to the media, but she doesn’t want to do it that way (– At least not for the next 55 minutes of the episode).


It takes him a while, but eventually he comes to accept that they need to do things her way. “I don’t want you to throw away your whole life just for me. I love you too much for that,” he tells her. To handle the media issue, Fitz brings Mellie back into the White House to pretend that everything is fine between the couple.

Olivia listens to his plan with a smile on her face, and it looks like the issue has been taken care of. She’s about to be free!

But she’s not free, because this is Scandal. When asked by the media upon returning to her home if she’s the President’s mistress, she turns around to face them, pauses for a beat, and drops a single, large bomb: “Yes.”


Why Olivia would decide to do this isn’t clear. Is it that she craves the craziness in her life? Does she not want Mellie to be in the White House? Does she want to please Shonda Rhimes? This is exactly what she didn’t want to happen, yet she just created the biggest hurricane possible. And all this right after Fitz and Mellie had their on-camera interview to declare everything was fine!

Quinn and Huck’s (latest) bad day


Jake has taught Huck some new breathing methods to help control his temper which pisses off Quinn. “Sorry dude, you can’t be fixed by changing the pacing of your breathing!” she basically tells her partner. Quinn is really angry about it and ends up upsetting Huck. Later, the two admit that they’re both messed up, and that’s exactly what they love about one another. Will they continue to sulk in their problems or try to get something done about those issues? We don’t think things will be changing in the near future, but we do love the unique relationship between these two.

Olivia and Jake

Speaking of unique relationships, the platonic relationship between Olivia and Jake was on full display in this week’s Scandal. Jake teamed up with Olivia to take care of the case of the week (Which was one of the more boring ones we can remember), but it was boring until Jake and Olivia started spooning on their hotel room bed one night.

Olivia admitted to her “former” lover that she was broken over the Fitz situation, and it was one of the most moving scenes in the episode. There was no music, no quick camera shots, no fast-paced storytelling. Just Olivia and Jake having some pillow talk.

This quote may’ve been one of the things that pushed Olivia into coming clean about her relationship with Fitz:


Poor Jake, right? Forever friend zoned.

The photo leaker

Over the past week we’ve all been wondering who was responsible for leaking the photos of Olitz to Sally Langston. It turns out it wasn’t Mellie (though she was a strong suspect this episode). It was Elizabeth, who did it for a reason that wasn’t made totally clear. It probably had something to do with kicking Olivia out of the White House.

Thanks to some help from David, Abby confronted Elizabeth about the leaking of the photos and became the leader Cyrus wanted her to be. Abby used the opportunity to make she and Elizabeth equals. No more bullshit, Lizzie Bear! You will get along with Abby and you will like it. (Their first joint task? Setting up Fitz and Mellie’s tell-all interview about their relationship).

What did you think of ‘Scandal’ 5×02 and that big surprise?

Check out a trailer for Scandal season 5, episode 3 which depicts everyone really pissed:

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