2:15 pm EST, September 24, 2015

‘Scandal’ season 5 premieres tonight! What to expect, what to remember

Scandal returns tonight with season 5, episode 1 titled “Heavy is the Head,” referring to a royal visit to the White House!

The Pope isn’t the only important world figure visiting the White House this week. The Scandal season 5 premiere will depict a visit from the Queen of Caldonia (played by Dearbhla Molloy). Here she is sitting with Fitz at a dinner:

And who’s sitting across from Fitz and the Queen at the dinner table? Abby and Olivia, the latter of whom is once again romantically tied to the President.

Yes, this season of Scandal will see an interesting twist: Fitz and Olivia will no longer be hiding their relationship. In a recent interview, creator Shonda Rhimes revealed that Olitz will be out in the open.

How did we get here? A brief ‘Scandal’ season 4 finale recap

As with any Scandal finale, last year’s closing sent Olivia through many twists and turns:

  • Olivia successfully (???) brought down her father by forcing him to shut down every aspect of B613. To make matters worse for Papa Pope, Olivia nailed him for embezzling money in his new job at the Smithsonian, thereby getting him thrown in jail. The season 5 premiere will presumably find him still behind bars — but for how long?
  • Fitz came to re-appreciate his relationship with his wife after watching her pull off a successful run for Senate, but the newfound romance didn’t last for long. The President learned that Mellie was to blame for the attack on the B613 jurors and threw her out of the White House. Previews for the Scandal premiere indicate that Fitz won’t be having a change in heart — he’ll be handing her divorce papers! So much for having a “best friend” in Mellie.


  • Odds and ends: The end of the episode, like most Scandal installments, featured a slew of twists and turns. Quinn realized that Huck killed the aforementioned jurors, and held her partner at gunpoint. Fitz fired Cyrus for conspiring with Rowan, Jake left his position as protector of Olivia, and later, Olivia and Fitz reunited on the White House balcony to share a kiss.

We’re sure Scandal season 5, episode 1, premiering tonight at 9 p.m. eastern / pacific on ABC, will pick up many of these cliffhangers and hopefully provide some exciting answers. For example, we can’t wait to see how Olivia and Fitz go public with their relationship!

What are you hoping to see in ‘Scandal’ season 5?

Watch a trailer for the episode below:

Watch ‘Scandal’ online

You can watch the Scandal season 5 premiere and all future episodes online by streaming them on ABC.com or Hulu.com. Each new episode will be available for free online each Friday morning.

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