2:15 pm EDT, February 12, 2015

Tonight on ‘Scandal’ season 4, episode 12: The bidding war begins

Do we hear $1 billion? $1.5 billion? How much would you pay for Olivia Pope and control of the President of the United States?

Scandal season 4, episode 12 airs tonight at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on ABC, and previews for tonight’s episode reveal that Olivia will be up for bid on the dark side of the internet.

How’d she get here? Viewers will recall that in last week’s episode Olivia teamed up with Ian to free her from Vice President Andrew’s grip. By volunteering to go on the black market, Ian – who’s still technically in possession of her – will sell her and keep the money. Ian gets a ton of money, Olivia gets freedom, and someone new gets the upper hand on the President. It’s a win-win-lose!

The synopsis for Scandal season 4, episode 12 titled “Gladiators Don’t Run” reads, “As the gladiators watch from a far, countries around the world begin to bid on Olivia Pope. Meanwhile, Andrew and Fitz go toe to toe.”

Now the question is, how much will these countries pay for Olivia? Depending on what a country wants from the President, the bidding could get very high. Imagine paying over $1 billion for Olivia then asking the President to do whatever you want. Thanks to his weakness for Olivia and her safety, Fitz is willing to do anything to keep Ms. Pope alive.

We’d love to see Fitz try to get money from Congress to buy back Olivia, but that idea seems far-fetched. Maybe Jake will have to go find her again, or Olivia has a secret plan to escape by herself.

ABC has only released one photo from tonight’s new episode of Scandal (an indicator that a lot of crazy things will be happening tonight), and it depicts Mama Pope still stuck in her cell:

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A trailer for tonight’s episode sets the bidding war up like a game. “This should be good,” Mama Pope says to someone.

Mini-spoiler: A synopsis for next week’s Scandal also makes mention of the bidding war, so don’t expect this game to only last a week!

Check back later tonight for our recap of went went down on Scandal season 4, episode 12.

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