petitions to save ‘Agent Carter,’ others amass tens of thousands of signatures

Agent Carter's has 88,000 signatures -- and it's quickly climbing.

4:00 pm EDT, May 18, 2016

After last week’s TV show blood bath, several petitions have appeared on the popular activist website, and surprisingly, they’ve received a lot of signatures.

As a coping mechanism, fans of several beloved series decided that the best way to voice their sadness over their show getting canceled was to sign a petition. For example, a petition to save Agent Carter has amassed over 88,000 signatures in six days. Fans plan to send the petition to ABC and Netflix so the big wigs know how badly they want Agent Carter back.

Other ABC shows with petitions include Nashville with over 23,000 signatures, and the network’s one-season drama The Family with 15,000 signatures. For The Family to pull in such a high number of signatures is impressive, considering it didn’t have much time to build a fan base.

MTV’s Faking It was also just canceled, and a petition to save it has already received 16,000 signatures.


Interestingly, we couldn’t find a substantial petition to save Castle, which was canceled only after ABC decided they wouldn’t bring back co-star Stana Katic for a hypothetical ninth season. The lack of a petition might signal that Castle fans are cool with the show ending, especially in light of Katic’s depature.

As for the effectiveness of these petitions? No show has been saved by a petition, but it’s certainly a good way of telling a network that there’s still a ton of interest in a series. The size of the Agent Carter petition will be hard for ABC and Netflix to ignore, especially because Peggy is such a beloved character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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