Bruno Mars pulled double duty as both Saturday Night Live host and musical guest last night. Check out our favorite clips!

Town hall debate cold open:

We loved Tom Hanks’ cameo. We also couldn’t help but just as happy for Aidy Bryant as she obviously was for herself when she got to yell “And Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” for the first time.

Bruno Mars’ monologue:

We didn’t really expect Bruno Mars to do humor that wasn’t in song form during his monologue, but we loved this song so much! We really wish we could purchase it. Seth MacFarlane also had a great song when he hosted, and we hope this trend continues.

Return of Stefon:

This was fan favorite Stefon’s first appearance of the year, and it’s probably our favorite Stefon skit yet.

Amusement Park:

This skit too was made so much better with Tom Hanks’ cameo.

Bruno Mars’ performance of “Locked out of Heaven”:

Bruno Mars also debuted his new single “Young Girls”.

Pandora radio:
In this skit, Bruno Mars played a Pandora, the online music radio company, intern who had to impersonate various artists when the station would go down. In this skit Mars impersonated Billie Joe Armstrong, Steven Tyler, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Louis Armstrong and Michael Jackson.

More ‘Saturday Night Live’ news

It was announced live last night that Louis C.K. will host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Fun. on November 3rd.

Earlier Seth Myers has said that he believes Sarah Palin and Nicholas Cage would be his dream Presidential candidate running mates.

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte has expressed interest in being on Saturday Night Live after season-opener Seth MacFarlane parodied the swimmer on Weekend Update.

What did you think of Bruno Mars on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

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