5:01 pm EDT, October 10, 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar cements Buffy/Angel allegiance with cake, devastates Spuffy fans everywhere

Some shipper wars never end.

Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, was “Team #Bangel.” She revealed her loyalties with an adorable Angel cake.

There are love triangles, and then there’s Buffy/Angel/Spike.

Although it was never really a traditional triangle — Spike and Angel were hardly ever around Buffy at the same time — the shipper wars were nonetheless epic, and rarely have fans been so adamant in their preference of one relationship over another.

In many ways, the Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike relationships were symbolic of the series’ two very distinct periods — the high school years and the “real life” years.

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Angel (David Boreanaz) was Buffy’s first love, and theirs was a melodramatic and tragic romance, the vampire with a soul who fell in love with the girl whose destiny it was to kill him.

Spike (James Marsters) wasn’t Buffy’s love as much as he was her shadow, a dark contrast to Angel, whose love for her forced Buffy to reckon with the fact that the world couldn’t simply be divided up into heroes and bad guys.

At the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy’s relationships with Angel and Spike had remained quite separate, both helping her grow but neither ever truly defining her.

Still, Sarah Michelle Gellar has a preference — and she expressed it today (not for the first time) in the most incredible way possible: With cake.

Can’t argue with cake, we guess. But hey, here’s a thought:

And hey, if you’ve read the Buffy comics, you’ll know that Buffy herself would agree with that line of thinking!

Were you team Bangel or team Spuffy?

(Or team… Banguffy?)

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