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At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, several couples shared the love and put a ring on it at the heart of all things geek.

San Diego Comic-Con is all about love — love of stories, love of characters, love of those impossible-to-get Funko Pops. This year, more than one geeky suitor took advantage of the atmosphere to propose marriage to the nerdy ladies they love.

Panels featuring celebrities were a popular choice for proposals. At the Alien reunion panel on Saturday, long-time fan Chris Naylor popped the question to his girlfriend Brittany in front of Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron, and Bill Paxton. Brittany, dressed as Wonder Woman from Batman vs. Superman, said yes.

On Sunday, the Supernatural panel experienced a similar surprise when a fan named Colin came to the mic with “a question, and a backup question.” Colin pulled out the ring and called his flabbergasted girlfriend Ashley to the mic with him.

“Kiss her!” the actors chorused as Ashley accepted, and the couple happily obliged.

Cosplay also proved fertile ground for marriage proposals this year. A couple named Chris and Hailey came to San Diego Comic-Con decked out as the tragic lovers Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, but as Nerdist reports, Chris had grander plans in mind than just plunging the Seven Kingdoms into war. Instead, “Rhaegar” used their annual Game of Thrones photoshoot to propose to his Lyanna.

Chris admitted that he was sweating, more due to nerves than the unusually-steamy San Diego weather. But he needn’t have worried — like Lyanna (well, probably), Hailey said yes!

Finally, the yearly Masquerade was the scene of another epic proposal (and perhaps the inspiration for a fanfic or two). Robert Monroe and his girlfriend were locked in a tense re-enactment of Kylo Ren and Rey’s lightsaber battle at the end of The Force Awakens, when the fight took an unexpected (and adorable) turn.

Jedi aren’t supposed to marry, but “Rey” agreed to be Robert’s wife — and we’re pretty sure Yoda would make an exception for these two.

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