The censors at NBC must’ve been asleep at the wheel during tonight’s “What’s Up With That?” segment on Saturday Night Live. Samuel L. Jackson managed to get not one but two “bad” words on live television.

Towards the end of the segment, cast member Kenan Thompson, in character, thanked Jackson for appearing on the fake talk show. It was then that the Snakes on a Plane actor dropped the F-bomb. After a pause, he proceeded to use another phrase not usually heard on network television.

Thompson stayed in character while the audience roared. “Come on now,” he said to Jackson. “That costs money!” He then went to thank fellow celebrity guest Carrie Brownstein. When the camera turned to her, she zipped her lips.

Saturday Night Live was hosted by Martin Short and Paul McCartney was the performer. The evening opened with the New York City’s Children Choir singing “Silent Night” – see video here. The song was in tribute to those who died on Friday in the Newtown, Connecticut shooting tragedy. Following the song, the mood quickly shifted back to SNL‘s standard high energy and laughter.

It was announced this evening that Jennifer Lawrence will host the January 19 episode. The musical guest will be The Lumineers.

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