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Love Wins: 6 same-sex fictional couples that can now tie the knot

...And three that didn't survive long enough to see same-sex marriage legalized.

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Same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. And you know what that means: our favorite fictional couples can finally get hitched!

This past Friday, the Supreme Court made history when same-sex marriage was finally legalized across the United States.

This is a fantastic step towards equality. And, for geeks like us, a great opportunity to celebrate some of our favorite same-sex pairings on TV!

So join us as we indulge in some beautiful same-sex marriage fantasies, and leave a comments telling us what couples from books, movies and TV you’d like to see make it official.

The first page tells the stories of pairings that get married now. On page 2, we honor some fan-favorite same-sex pairings on TV that didn’t survive to see this glorious day.

Jack and Doug, ‘Dawson’s Creek’

By Kristen Kranz

Same sex marriage Dawson Creek

Jack McPhee and his loving partner, Doug Witter, have raised two wonderful children that they adopted from Korea. Five years after the end of Dawson’s Creek, they had just begun to accept that their love may never see the bonds of marriage.

They discussed their options, as a marriage in Capeside would be well within Massachusetts law, but as Jack has issues with them marrying when so many couples throughout the nation still couldn’t.

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Jack followed the cause with dedicated fervor and even participated in some local rallies, but they made the decision to wait and made peace with that choice years ago.

The events of the morning of June 26 seemed like they would never come, but when Jack flipped on the TV to see that the Supreme Court has finally made marriage legal for all, he couldn’t help his joy.

He bounded into their bedroom and woke Doug with energy he hasn’t experienced in a decade. The noise woke their children, who soon joined them in their revelry. They’ve been a family for years, but marriage is just the final piece in the puzzle of their life together.

Clarke and Lexa, ‘The 100’

By Selina Wilken

Same sex marriage Clexa

Alright, so technically The 100 takes place in a dystopian future where the rules and laws of America have been disbanded.

But clearly, the Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriage left its mark on both the Ark and Grounder societies, since the show has presented a wonderfully uncomplicated, unprejudiced approach to sexuality. Or maybe Jason Rothenberg is psychic. It’s definitely one of the two.

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And, yes, Clexa is kind of in a bad place right now. Trust has been broken, friends and loved ones have been brutally murdered. But every love story has its ups and downs, and eventually, you just know that Lexa will want Clarke all to herself.

Lexa will be the one to propose. Obviously. They’ll get married in the woods, in a Grounder-style ceremony officiated by Kane, finally uniting the Tree People and the Ark survivors. It’ll be beautiful. (Something this beautiful would never be allowed to happen on The 100 but shh. This is our happy place.)

Calvin and Heath, ‘Greek’

By Kristen Kranz

Calvin Heath same sex

Calvin and Heath had some great times and some awkward times at Cyprus Rhodes University, but after college, the two kept in touch via text and emails for years.

When they found themselves both in Cincinnati by sheer happenstance, they decided to rekindle their romance. Months of dating showed them that away from the pressures of fraternity politics, they were able to truly connect.

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This weekend’s landmark decision has helped Calvin decide that Heath is the man he wants to spend his life with. Calvin had started thinking about proposals and a trip out of state to make this man his husband, but it just didn’t feel right.

Now that they can have a ceremony right here in Ohio, Calvin plans a magnificent day of reminiscing at Cyprus before dropping to one knee and asking Heath to be his in that very backyard where they first made eye contact.

Nyssa and Sara, ‘Arrow’

By Caitlin Kelly

Same sex marriage Arrow

Nyssa al Ghul and Sara Lance found love in a hopeless place (rimshot). But really, Nanda Parbat and the League of Assassins is hardly the first place you’d expect love to bloom. But Nyssa, daughter of the Demon, fell in love with Sara’s laugh, and though their relationship was complicated by the whole assassin thing, Sara was the Beloved.

…Until she was murdered, that is. Nyssa grieved and swore vengeance on the perpetrator, but luckily for her, her beloved will be coming back to life so she can star in Legends of Tomorrow.

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This resurrection comes at a perfect time, as marriage equality comes to the United States. Though the pair isn’t exactly based in the States, Nyssa would want to give Sara everything, including a wedding in the homeland of her beloved, so her family and friends could be there. Laurel may also be Nyssa’s first friend, so her inclusion would be doubly meaningful for the couple.

It would be a small affair, with the Lance family and Team Arrow, and Ray Palmer would officiate. There would be a lot of candles, too, judging by Nanda Parbat’s decorating scheme.

There is, of course, the minor complication of Nyssa’s marriage to Oliver Queen, but considering Oliver’s love for Felicity, neither party would object to a divorce.

Connor and Oliver, ‘How to Get Away With Murder’

By Kristen Kranz

Same sex marriage HTGAWM

If there’s one thing we can imagine, it’s Connor doing something spontaneously. After all, he might be an incredibly bright guy, but he doesn’t always think through things before he does them.

So, when Connor woke up to find out that he could get married no matter what state he was in, it didn’t take him long to drag Oliver out of bed and to the courthouse.

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Sure, Oliver probably protested, but after the hellish ordeal that Connor survived most recently, it didn’t take long to convince Oliver to make an honest man of him.

A few words and a pair of signatures later, Connor and Oliver swept out into the courthouse steps and breathed in the refreshing morning air together as husbands.

Korra and Asami, ‘The Legend of Korra’

By Michal Schick

Same sex marriage Korrasami

Okay, it might a little bit early to hear wedding bells for Korra and Asami — after all, The Legend of Korra’s endgame pair did just head out on their first date. But then again, that first date is an open-ended camping trip through the Spirit World, so maybe it’s not too hard to see things moving quickly!

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But whether they go slow and steady or race to the altar, it’s a cinch to imagine commitment in Korrasami’s future.

Though they started as romantic rivals, Korra and Asami gradually developed a genuine friendship of caring and unconditional support. And as their comfortable companionship grew deeper, it also became more apparent to the audience that Asami and Korra might be connecting on a level beyond friendship.

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And ultimately, in one of the most surprisingly gratifying moments of 2014 television, this proved to be the case. Korra and Asami said goodbye to the drama and uncertainty that had plagued their past relationships (…sorry, Mako!) and chose to invest in each other.

While the details their future may be left to our imaginations, we have no doubt it’s going to be a beautiful one.

On page 2: Three fictional couples that should have lived to see the legalization of same-sex marriage

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