A roundup of the most poignant responses to the 2016 election include Samantha Bee’s epic takedown and Seth Meyers’ shocked rant.

Tuesday night, America elected a new POTUS.

The world was shocked by Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss, and the news cycle has been dedicated to figuring out what happens next, how minorities can protect themselves, and why this happened.

One of the best reactions we saw was from Seth Meyers, who perfectly summed up the differences between the two candidates (and the absurdity of the results):

Of course the notion that “he would never win” is partly what got us into this mess, which is something the media needs to be held accountable for.

The hyping up of what is now the President-elect in the media has done a lot to popularize and legitimize their rhetoric. We are still waiting for the late night media, particularly Jimmy Fallon, to speak on this.

But Samantha Bee has some great points to make, specifically that it was white voters that ensured the win of an individual who is openly racist and misogynistic:

Conan O’Brien urges for solidarity:

Similarly, before the election was even called, Stephen Colbert attempted to unite the nation:

Post-election, Colbert is somber as he announces, “this is what it feels like when America is made great again. I was really hoping it would feel better because this suuucks.”

Finally, James Corden — a recent immigrant — sends his viewers off on a note of optimism (on the daytime front, Ellen DeGeneres adopts a similar tactic):

What were your favorite late-night responses to the 2016 election results?

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