9:05 am EST, July 5, 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly taking on Trump in next project (Update: Cohen in talks with Showtime)

Update (July 6): Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly in talks with Showtime for a new comedy interview series.

Variety has reported that Sacha Baron Cohen is currently engaged in negotiations with Showtime to make a return to television with a brand new comedy interview show.

Though details are still sparse about this show, and there isn’t yet an official comment from Cohen or Showtime, Variety is reporting that this new project will have a similar format for Cohen’s Da Ali G Show. It’s unclear if Ali G will be hosting, if it will be hosted by Cohen as “himself”, or a new Cohen character.

Da Ali G Show first debuted on Channel 4 in the U.K. and would subject his famous interviewees to silly, often outrageous interviews while in character as the show’s host, Ali G. The Independence Day video that Cohen posted to his Twitter hearkened back to one of Ali G’s more disastrous interviews with the then-host of The Apprentice, Donald Trump.

While initial speculations around Cohen’s new project were that the comedian was doing something focused on satirizing or straight-up making fun of Donald Trump, this new report from Variety’s sources makes it seem like Cohen is entering the public discourse as a whole in his new show.

You can read our original story below to see the video Cohen posted to Twitter, and we’ll keep you posted as more news breaks on this story.

Original Story:

Sacha Baron Cohen’s brash comedy is notorious by now, but it seems his next project may be his boldest as he takes on the President of the United States.

When Sacha Baron Cohen first made a name for himself with his television show Da Ali G Show, audiences got their first taste of Cohen’s dedicated character work, his shocking (sometimes offensive) style of comedy, and the ways he shocked audiences and interviewees with his outrageous (also sometimes offensive) characters. In the film Borat, he really doubled down on this brand of absurd, outrageous, comedy style of making the audience and any interviewees both confused and a bit (or a lot) uncomfortable.

Cohen has done some other comedy work in the same style of Da Alie G Show and Borat since, but he’s also explored other styles of roles, even starring in musicals like Les Miserables and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. But thanks to a video posted to his Twitter–the only thing in Baron’s Twitter feed, for that matter–it seems Cohen might be returning to his roots in a new project that appears to be taking down the President of the United States himself.

The video hearkens back to a 2003 episode of Da Ali G show in which Cohen (as Ali G) interviews Donald Trump, and pitches him a wacky business idea. Depending on who you ask, Cohen or Trump, the interview was immediately terminated (Trump’s report) or, it was terminated after about seven minutes (Cohen’s report, according to The Hollywood Reporter). Regardless of the truth, Trump heavily criticized Cohen after the interview, and it seems that criticism might have sparked inspiration for Cohen’s new project.

Obviously, this video doesn’t officially announce that a new Trump-focused Sacha Baron Cohen project is headed our way. However, the ending message that says “Sacha graduates soon” with the Trump University logo seems to be teasing some sort of new project coming our way soon.

Unfortunately, we can only speculate about what Cohen has cooked up for us at this point. Cohen hasn’t commented further since he released the video on July 4, but we’ll be watching his social media channels carefully to see just what craziness is in store for us.

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