Catch us. We’ve just fallen after feeling an overwhelming amount of joy learning that Rupert Grint is currently filming Harry Potter scenes for The Wizarding World park expansion in Orlando, Florida.

Our Ron is back.

A new Harry Potter mini movie? A ninth Harry Potter film? No, no. Representatives confirmed to Snitch Seeker that Grint is indeed back at Leavesden Studios for Potter, but it’s for park-related filming. The reps had nothing further to say.

The news comes following yesterday’s revelation from The Sun that Helena Bonham Carter was back in the former Harry Potter studios to film park-related material.

Our working theory is they are shooting scenes for a Gringotts thrill ride, which we believe is to be the main attraction in the Harry Potter expansion themed as Diagon Alley. Universal is currently working on the project at Universal Studios Orlando (see the latest construction photos), and we’ve been predicting for some time that the Gringotts ride could recreate the scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Harry, Ron, and Hermione break into the Lestrange’s Vault. With Bonham Carter and Grint known to be involved, it seems we have an even stronger case.

Rumors aside, it’s really nice to know that some key cast members are back at Leavesden to film Harry Potter material. We’re thrilled that they’re continuing to use Leavesden Studios, where the Harry Potter Studio Tour now exists, to film.

So what exactly could they be shooting? If you’ve ridden Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, you’ll know that there are scenes where Harry, Ron, and Hermione speak directly to the audience. It’s quite possible that these are the types of scenes they’re shooting. There could also be filming fight sequences or transitions between the scenes during the Gringotts ride.

The Wizarding World’s Diagon Alley is expected to open in 2014 or 2015. We’ll continue to follow developments and rumors as they surface.

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