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‘Run BTS!’ episode 92 funniest moments: Holding in laughter

The chaos returned with Run BTS! episode 92, “Mini Golden Bell pt2,” in which the members finished their games with true or false questions!

On Run BTS! episode 92, “Mini Golden Bell pt2,” the members played two more rounds to finish out the Mini Golden Bell games. First, they had to finish up the round of listening to their lyrics in another language and guessing the Korean lyrics to get points.

Then for the last round, they moved onto a game of answering true or false questions. But there wasn’t always an obvious answer to the questions they were being asked! Like, who has the longest arms in BTS?

Many of the questions led to them having to check what the actual answer was right then and there, which led to some very interesting moments in the episode!

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Here are the funniest moments from Run BTS! episode 92:

Why did you say it was wrong?

During the lyrics round, they listened to the Greek pronunciation of their lyrics. Since it was a harder one, Taehyung gave them a hint that it would be performed at their fan meetup.

Jungkook didn’t take long to guess that it was a line from “Spine Breaker,” and got told that it was wrong. So he guessed again that was from “Jump” and got shut down again. Only for Taehyung to then realize that Jungkook actually had guessed correctly.

He sheepishly explained to the members he hadn’t been looking at the answer when Jungkook guessed.

He has to sing?

They started to play the third round of games, which were true or false questions that involved BTS themselves. All they had to do was hold up their sign after the question to guess either true or false, or so they thought.

The first question was, “When RM sings in karaoke, will his score be higher than 80?” Everyone held up the true sign right away but then they were shocked when the Run BTS! producers asked Namjoon to sing a song right then so they could find out the right answer.

Cut to Namjoon singing “Epiphany” while the other members tried not to crack up.

You laughed!

When the members were questioned whether “Jungkook can make the longest vocal note in BTS,” there was a divide in responses. This led to each of the members deciding to exemplify how poor their own lung capacity was, which had Jimin laughing on the floor.

They all agreed that Taehyung had the best lung capacity, so he should go against Jungkook, and the Run BTS! producers allowed it. It seemed like it was more difficult for the other members to keep quiet than it was for Taehyung to hold a note. They were all giggling by the end of it.

By the time Jungkook went for his turn holding a note, the guys were laughing as soon as he started.

Why do you think I have short arms?

“V has the second-longest arms in BTS,” had the members debating who had the longest arms in the group. Some of them thought that Taehyung had the longest, and others thought that maybe it was Namjoon.

The only way to figure it out for sure was to break out the measuring tape and check each of them on the spot. Of course, teasing ensued as they each wanted to show off how long their arms were. (Please check to make sure your ARMYs friends are still alive after this.)

Perhaps the funniest of all was when it was Jimin’s turn and he jokingly tried to make his arms as long as possible. This included stepping on his hand to try and stretch it out while the others giggled.

A tadpole with swagger!

For the last question of the game, the members had to guess, “If all seven of us sing with a mic in the middle, would we score more than 85?” There were mixed results in guesses, and then it was time for them to actually try, but maybe they weren’t taking it too seriously, either.

The worldwide famous band came together to sing “Tadpoles and Frogs” for their group Karaoke performance. With some hilarious additional lyrics from Namjoon saying “swag” without warning, the group unsurprisingly didn’t actually beat the high score.

What was your favorite moment from ‘Run BTS!’ episode 92?

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