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‘Run BTS!’ episode 84 funniest moments: Everyone’s slipping

On Run BTS! episode 83, “Summer Outing 2,” Bangtan continues to play games at the water park and make us crack up at the chaos in the process!

Team Fresh is already scared:

The Bangtannies are brought over to the water slide they’ll be playing a game on and a few of the members are quickly freaked out by the sight!

Team Fresh is even more hilarious in these episodes because of the fact that Hoseok and Jin, the resident scaredy cats of BTS, have been grouped together.

Even Namjoon agrees that the slide looks a little scary!

Yoongi vs. Namjoon:

Namjoon and Yoongi are the first to have to try out the slide, and the best thing about this matchup is their size difference!

Bonus cute points for the way Yoongi swims like an otter on his way out of the water.

Jimin vs. Jin:

When it’s Jin and Jimin’s turn the younger of the two has a lot of hopes for how it will go. Jimin wants to stay in the air longer and land a certain way.

In reality, it’s not as easy as it looks, as they both learn on their way down. I’m still trying to figure out how Jin managed to turn in the air.

Taehyung vs. Hoseok:

While Tae is excited to go down the slide, Hoseok is so nervous he can’t look at first. His teammates try to yell encouragements but it doesn’t look like it really helps.

Still, Hoseok manages to win the round when he stays up longer. The difference in their poses as they fall is hilarious!

Namjoon vs. Jungkook:

It’s Namjoon’s second time going down, but the gentle giant claims it’s still scary anyways. Meanwhile, Jungkook is excited as always to try something new.

Somehow they manage to fall in almost the exact same way?!

Tie breaker:

Because the teams have equal points in this game they have to do a tiebreaker. Taehyung and Jin end up going for their teams. Taehyung volunteers and Jin kind of has to because Hoseok doesn’t want to go again.

But the best part is when Taehyung promises to yell out “BTS forever” while he’s going down, and he does it in the best way. Managing to flip around in the air and fall like a starfish into the water while yelling the slogan.


In the next game, the members have to express a mission word while being popped in the air into the water. Jungkook goes first and they decide to give him the word “bawling” to express.


Of course, Hobi is also nervous because of this game. Even just getting onto the giant inflatable poses problems.

And when they pop him in the air, he does express his word “joy” – but he also drops the camera in the water too.

They managed to find the camera later anyways and showed off the picture he took before losing the camera.


On his first try, Taehyung didn’t even get to go because he fell into the water on his way to the inflatable!


While they wait for Tae to get back from his fall, Namjoon takes a turn. His word is “sadness” – which he manages to convey while he also cutely kicks his feet in the air.

Tae part 2:

On his second go around, Taehyung succeeds to stay on the inflatable on his way down and express his word when they pop him up!


On his turn, Jin found a clever way to express his given word “bulletproof!”


Jimin was supposed to show an expression like nothing was happening, but the other members complained they could only see his butt when he was popped in the air!

The replay proved Jimin did it anyways.

Jungkook falls:

Before they started the last game, Jungkook switched over to Team Fresh because Hoseok had to sit it out due to motion sickness.

Namjoon and Jin were excited to have the maknae on their team, until they had to rescue him from the water.

Jin attacks:

Usually Jin and Yoongi have a very calm friendship, until you pit them against each other in a game. And then the hyungs aren’t afraid to fight in order to win.

Jimin falls:

In the second round, Jimin falls in the water… and then he just kind of stays in there swimming around because no one helps him get out.

Tae keeps slipping:

Taehyung also has a hard time staying up, slipping multiple times as he tries to race to stop Jugnkook!

Really watching them all slip and slide all over the place is the best part of this game.

Where to watch ‘Run BTS!’:

Fans can watch Run BTS! for free on BTS’ official V Live account! Channel + subscribers can also gain access to behind the scenes clips and images.

Run BTS! 2019 will air on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. KST / 8:00 a.m. EST!

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