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‘Run BTS!’ episode 79 funniest moments: BTS + empty mall = chaos

On Run BTS! episode 79, “007 Operation 1,” the members were let loose in the mall to hunt down cards and try to win games! Here’s all the funniest moments from the episode.

Playing for gift cards:

It will never stop being hilarious to see how Bangtan reacts to winning prizes in Run BTS! episodes. This time was no exception when they all got excited over the idea of winning pre-loaded gift cards. The only thing they didn’t like was that their faces were on them!

Yoongi messes with the maknaes:

To start off the game, the members are split onto different levels of the mall. Yoongi ends up on the same floor as Jimin and Taehyung. Being the competitive player that he is, Yoongi has them huddle up with him and refuses to let them look around at all.

Just in case they would spot a card before him.

Hobi runs from Jungkook:

Early on, Jungkook and Hobi both end up in the same area looking for cards. They’re both able to find cards, but that doesn’t mean that Jungkook can’t stop himself from trying to figure out what his hyung is up to.

When Hobi makes an excited sound at finding another card, Jungkook comes running, so Hoseok has to run away from him quickly!

Yoongi tricks Jimin:

Despite their promise at the start of the game not to betray each other, it only takes a few minutes for Yoongi to play a trick on Jimin.

While they’re searching in the same area Yoongi pretends to find a card so that Jimin gets confused. Not too long later he does the same thing again! And then he wants to know why Jimin tries to go after him.

Jin randomly starts snacking:

While most of the others are running around like madmen, Jin manages to stay relatively calm while he looks for cards. Which helps him to find a lot of cards that are more hidden.

It also gives him to the chance to have a snack of jelly candies by himself.

Jimin keeps loosing:

When Jimin spots the game man he decides to play some games to try and earn some hearts with his cards. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the best of luck and keeps losing!

He only manages to collect one heart after several games. Even trying to beg the game man for another chance doesn’t help.

What did Jin do?

Namjoon and Jin have mostly been on their own so far, but when they end up in the same area they start to have a hard time finding cards.

Naturally, Namjoon complains that Jin must have already looked in all the places before him.

Ready to fight:

Hobi and Jin run into each other and Jin manages to spot a card almost right away. As he grabs it, Hobi tries to run over quickly which sends Jin into fight or flight mode.

Worried that Hobi will steal his card, Jin immediately gets his fists ready but Hobi runs away!

Taehyung spots Yoongi:

While looking for cards, Taehyung finds Yoongi playing games to earn hearts. So he goes right over to start asking questions even though his hyung just tells him to be quiet.

10 minutes to go:

When the staff goes over the speakers to announce that Bangtan has just 10 minutes left in the first round, they all panic. That means even more running around and chaos as they try to quickly get more cards.

Jin tries to help Jimin?

Jin starts to have a lot of luck finding cards, and since Jimin has had nothing but bad luck he decides to give him one. But as soon as Jimin goes to play it he learns that it’s made him lose his hearts.

So much for the help.

Jimin begs for more help:

Frustrated with his bad luck, Jimin pleas for help from his roommate when he spots Hobi. Even though he tells Hobi how he lost all of his cards and tries to play the little brother card, his roommate doesn’t take any pity on him.

Jungkook tries to sneak in more time:

After the staff calls times up, all the members are supposed to head to the same area to get checked. However, Namjoon spots Jungkook trying to head in a different direction.

Clearly trying to get a little more time looking for cards.

Liar, liar:

As they are snacking, the staff decides to tell the members who is in the lead so far. They’re shocked to learn that Hobi and Namjoon are currently winning!

It also causes them to try and trick the others into thinking they have less than they really have, which just makes the others call them liars.

Bangtan gets scolded:

After their break to snack and check in where everyone is at, they get ready to start the second round. As soon as it starts, all the members take off.

Not even giving the cameras time to go with them. Which causes the camera director to yell at the boys to wait for the cameras to follow them!!

Where to watch ‘Run BTS!’:

Fans can watch Run BTS! for free on BTS’ official V Live account! Channel + subscribers can also gain access to behind the scenes clips and images.

Run BTS! 2019 will air on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. KST / 8:00 a.m. EST!

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