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‘Run BTS!’ episode 71 recap: A nice Canadian morning

It’s Bangtan’s last day on their Toronto trip on Run BTS! episode 71, and they spend it being silly and making each other take penalties!

‘Run BTS!’ episode 71 recap:

Everyone is full from eating dinner, so now those who didn’t cook play a game to see who will clean up, and Jungkook loses again. They go another round and Jimin messes up right away, making them all break out in laughter at the table.

Jungkook wants to prove that he can, in fact, win some games, so they decide to play to pass points on to others. Jimin plays the syllable game against Namjoon and wins while Jin plays Taehyung and wins. Next, they play the game where they flip open a book for people, and Hobi loses right away to Yoongi.

The capitals game is next for Jimin and Taehyung. It takes them a while because they have trouble after the first few questions, but Jimin eventually wins.

Jungkook wants to arm wrestle Yoongi, but his hyung shoots him down, so they go back to the book game. The maknae can’t believe he loses again and throws the book. Yoongi realizes it is past midnight and wants his precious sleep, but the others want to play more.

They get ready to play Tangsuyuk, and Jungkook finally wins. Jungkook tries to convince him again to arm wrestle but instead the others suggest they flick bottle caps.

After spinning, Yoongi quickly flicks his bottle cap, but the table saves it from falling off and he does a cute victory celebration even as he is still dizzy. Jungkook’s cap doesn’t go far and so Yoongi wins and celebrates more.

As Hobi and Jimin are currently the ones in last place, they get ready to play another game against each other. Hobi’s cap flies off the table and hilariously so does Jimin’s.

Jin tells Jimin he’ll bet him the penalty, and if Jimin still loses, he has to buy Jin clothes. This time, Jimin’s cap barely moves while Jin’s cap almost falls off but is bumped back on thanks to the edge of the table. Now Jimin has to jump in the lake in the morning and needs to buy Jin clothes.

Before they go off to bed, they are told about the morning mission, which is to guess the lyrics of the song they are given a clue to.

In the morning, Yoongi is the first one out and the staff is about to let him start, but Namjoon objects and wants them to wait until the others are out since it’s not 9 a.m. yet. When Yoongi finally gets to go, he gets it wrong, but Namjoon gets it right on the first try and gets to go back inside.

Jin is next, but he doesn’t know it, and neither does Jimin or Taehyung, so it goes to Yoongi, who gets it right and goes inside as fast as possible.

On the next one, Jin still doesn’t know it, and neither do the others. They try another one and they still don’t know, so Jimin suggests they try to think together. Finally, Taehyung gets an answer right and gets to go inside.

More lyrics, more I-don’t-knows from Jin and Jimin. Hobi stumbles outside at some point and Jungkook is basically kicked out of the house by Tae. After so many clues, Jin finally gets the song and goes inside while Taehyung cheers him on from the balcony.

Jimin gets it right, finally, and celebrates excitedly before running inside. That means Jungkook and Hobi will be making breakfast for the others.

But first they feed themselves with cereal before cooking. Then they go about looking up directions to make the pancakes in Korean. They make one pancake to test it out but don’t cook it all the way so they decide to cook the next one more.

After that, they’re basically experts in cooking pancakes. When they’re done cooking Jungkook goes to get the others and they feast on all the pancakes. With all of the pancakes devoured in minutes, Hobi and Jungkook realize they should have made more. While the others move on to eat ramyun and cereal.

Afterwards, they head toward the lake for Jimin to take his penalty. Jin has decided to join him so he won’t be alone, I guess. Jimin actually manages to convince Jin that the water is warm, but Jin quickly realizes he was lying.

Jimin just has to finish out his penalty by going shopping and buying Jin clothes! He actually has a fun time picking out a few things for his hyung, and Jimin is so thoughtful that he does it with careful consideration to actually find something that Jin will like.

Where to watch ‘Run BTS!’ online:

Fans can watch Run BTS! for free on BTS’ official V Live account! Channel + subscribers can also gain access to behind the scenes clips and images.

Run BTS! 2019 will air on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. KST / 8:00 a.m. EST!

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