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‘Run BTS!’ episode 69 recap: BTS runs loose at Niagara Falls

After a few weeks away, Run BTS! is back with episode 69 which treats fans to the boys having fun in Toronto!

‘Run BTS!’ episode 69 recap:

Tuesdays finally feel right again now that Run BTS! is back on our screens! The wait was worth it because episode 69 shows BTS in Toronto where they get to go visit Niagara falls and enjoy their time in the area together!

To start off the episode, the boys explain that they’re traveling to different cities right now (they’re on tour) so on Run BTS! episode 69 they’re going to see Niagra falls and do some other activities.

But they’ll also be hit with surprise missions. After each surprise mission points will be accumulated if they fail, and the member with the highest points will get a penalty.

The staff tells them that they’ll have their first mission in the morning but then they correctly guess that it’s the Noonchi game so the staff lets them try it out. They also play a quick game of cham-cham-cham but the points aren’t being added up yet!

For their first mini-adventure in Toronto the boys head to Niagara Falls for some free time and they get some facts on the falls from the staff!

A sudden mission of Noonchi leaves Hobi with the most points so far!

The members are amazed as soon as they see the falls you can hear a chorus of their “wows” over and over again. It’s a really precious moment to watch and of course they take lots of pictures together as well.

Another sudden mission, this time of guessing capitals which leaves Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook with more points

They’re back to exploring again, with more pictures as they look at the sights. Tae goes off on his own and finds a req squirrel which he can’t stop admiring. Meanwhile, the others discover the coin operated binocular viewers that they want to use.

Hilariously, Yoongi asks Hobi for money, and he reminds him they’re not on Bon Voyage anymore. But Hobi is actually lucky enough to find a viewer that still had time left on it so he gets to take a closer look at the falls. While Jin and Yoongi take to begging the staff for coins so they can use another one!

They have another sudden mission, which is a staring contest this time. For some reason this staring contest is just so funny to watch. The members have to keep their eyes open and stare at the camera while the staff counts. Naturally the members also try to sabotage each other. Only Taehyung and Hobi end up failing this one!

Then they decide to go over the possible penalties for the game. They all agree that the loser has to go into the lake at the end of the game while the second place loser has to buy staff lunch.

Before they go off for lunch they have another sudden mission of a timing game and rock paper scissors. This leaves Yoongi, Hobi, and Jungkook tied up for last place.

Finally, they’re off for lunch time and go to a local restaurant to enjoy some pizza and braised chicken together. It feels like such a treat for ARMYs to get to witness them enjoying their lunch together. Hobi does an excellent job ordering in English for all of them. They even complete the lunch with a game of rock paper scissors to decide who gets the extra pieces of pizza.

Suddenly their chatter turns to what they’ll be cooking for dinner and breakfast. Of course they want Yoongi to cook and he tells them he’ll make whatever they want. When Namjoon suggests that they have pancakes for dinner the others wonder if he’ll try to make them, but he says that he can even mess those up.

Yoongi backs him up that even though the batter is easy, the cooking of pancakes is not. Hobi still tries to encourage him and says that he watches Youtube videos to learn how to cook things. But Namjoon points out that you can watch Bob Ross paint something and still not be able to do it!

Before they leave lunch, they get another surprise mission. The staff gives a two-syllable word and the members have to complete the word so that it make senses. Jungkook, Hobi, Jin fail this one but Jungkook and Jin complain that they didn’t hear theirs right. So they get another chance but only Jungkook gets it right so he ends up in last place with 5 points.

With their bellies full of food, the boys are off again to go grocery shopping for dinner and breakfast! They get excited to see themselves on the security camera and start to take pictures of themselves on screen, which is so endearing. How can you not love them when they do stuff like this?

This grocery shopping trip quickly turns into the most chaotic one I’ve seen them on. Tae and Jungkook are walking around the store playing the capital game again, Jimin is just following whoever, Jin is looking for candies and getting scolded by Hobi, while Namjoon and Yoongi actually look for the ingredients they need.

Jin and Hobi get excited when they find giant bananas and Jungkook comes over to start hitting them with them. There’s also the funny moment of Jungkook trying to remember a snack and he can only remember them from a zombie movie…the snack was Twinkies.

Then there’s a great debate over which pancake mix to go with!

On the next episode of Run BTS!: The boys will finishing grocery shopping, go clothes shopping, get to their rental place, and finally have dinner!

Where to watch ‘Run BTS!’ online:

Fans can watch Run BTS! for free on BTS’ official V Live account! Channel + subscribers can also gain access to behind the scene clips and images.

Run BTS! 2019 will air on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. KST / 8:00 a.m. EST!

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